Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogtoberfest Giveaway...

It's time to have another Giveaway!!

Only this time it is going to be an Over It giveaway to celebrate Blogtoberfest!
I have thought long and hard about what to have in my giveaway and I finally decided that I'll let the winner choose from the many things I have made when I was Over It!!
All my crafty creations only use up cycled materials and off cuts of new fabrics.

I'll be adding more photos of things as I go along so be sure to come back and see what else you might win. I tried to include a bit of verity because lets face it a baby bib just isn't for everyone. I may let the winner choose more than 1 item depending on time restrictions and my crazy MooBear family. Fingers crossed. So lets see what you may win.

A Large Happy Scrappy Brooch in your colour choice.
If you like this though you could always make one yourself with my tutorial.

Denim Clutch.
In your choice of contrasting colour.

Denim Baby Bib.
In your choice of contrasting colour.

Denim Coasters.
In your choice of contrasting colours.

Ice Cream Container Earrings.
You can see variations here.

Fat Keyboard Letter Bracelet.

All Zipper Purse.
If you like what you see you can give it a try with my tutorial.

A Scrappy Headband.

A Fabric Sample Taggy Toy.

Up-cycled Business Cards Brooches.

So let's see what you have to do to enter...

I want to have some fun and get you thinking so I would love a caption or your thoughts on this photo of Carlos with our 8 day old Bubble.

Why do I like this photo? I like the juxtaposition. A seemingly screaming punk guy and a sleeping newborn. In actual fact during the early weeks it can seem to be the other way around. All we want to do is sleep while we try and figure out why they are crying.

Just leave a comment below and be sure to leave me a way to contact you.
I will ship internationally...YAY!!
Would you like an extra entry? Blog about it and leave an extra comment with a link and I'll add another entry just for you!!

Giveaway ends 31st Oct.
Winner will be chosen by Moo and Bear!

For more Blogotoberfest giveaways check out Curlypops Loot List on her side bar!!


  1. Baby's so cute Carlos obviously wants to ear her all up.

  2. Noooooo daddy - I can smell what you had for breakfast!

  3. So that is what teeth look like! They sure will come in handy one day!


  4. Caption: Daddy I'm too young for Twilight initiations! Put your fangs away.

  5. Rock a bye BBBAAABBBYYY
    On the tree TTTOOOPPP
    My crying will SSTTOOPP!!!!

  6. This is how it's done. Just close your eyes and a big yawn..THEN GO TO SLEEP!!!!

    "Ok Dad, I think I've got it"

  7. "I love babies!! (But I couldn't eat a whole one...)" (Sorry!! That was awful!) Thanks for the chance to win :-)

  8. woah, that denim clutch is awesome!

  9. ...if I pretend to be asleep maybe the scary man will leave me alone?

  10. "She's such a heavy sleeper, not even daddy can wake her up from her sweet baby dreams." :D

  11. You know that feeling you get when something or someone is so cute you just want to eat/bite them?

  12. lol crazy photo, I do hope he brushed his teeth

  13. "You call THAT a yawn?, ill show you a yawn!"

    hehe great photo and great blog!
    I love your demin coasters :)

  14. While Stephanie frantically worked at her sewing machine to finish making Bubble's blankie...Carlos kept her warm with all of the "hot air" he could muster!

  15. Bubble pretended to be dead in the hope that Carlos would take his morning breath somewhere else. This only lead to greater anguish!

    Nice give away Steph. I might even blog about it.

  16. The photo is kinda disturbing, actually, like I know he's not, but he looks like he's yelling at the baby. sorry.

  17. "Owwwww! Stop pinching me!" Screamed carlos in pain.

  18. ohhh, those sleepy foggy early days of a newborn. I think I knew immediately that poor man was so tired...I love holding teeny babies the way he is holding your new dear. I dont have a caption to suggest, just good luck and lots of good karma for long sleeps from your baby!

  19. WAKE UP! How do YOU like it baby??

  20. "you need a tic tac or something cause your breath stinks"... from Shrek the movie (no offence Carlos)!


  21. What is this Daddy person so stressed about, Mummy did all the work, he should just r-e-l-a-x like me.

    Oh, and your upcycled stuff is truly inspiring, makes me want to look at my scraps totally differently.

  22. How did I miss this one Steph? Oh that's right, Blogtoberfest, I've been burried in blog posts!

    "Listen darling I said 'meet your third child' not 'eat your third child!'"

  23. Don't eat the baby!!!
    Haha I have a photo like that too.

  24. here in the states, we have a silly saying...
    "that baby looks cute enough to eat!"
    a little too morbid? well, it IS Blogtoberfest after all!

    hehe...lovely crafts!

  25. "Oh my Daddy! What big teeth you have!"
    "All the better to eat you with my dear!"

    hehe, great giveaway and cool idea for the caption! :)

  26. "...and see way down there, those are my tonsils..."

    I love your button ring. So cute!

  27. I just got enjoyment reading all the comments, Sorry I cant do any better !

  28. hmmm, yes... Babies do look scrummy enough to eat!

  29. 'I bet I could fit his head in my mouth - watch this...'

    Well, babies deffo look good enough to eat - like little marshmallows, well the white and pink ones anyway!

  30. I am going to eat this baby, you watch!

  31. I hear that they like really loud noises because the heart beat is so loud so maybe she stop screaming if I scream louder.

  32. Then mummy looked like this for a little bit and then you popped out!

  33. awesome giveaway :) I like the pic of of the baby and Carlos ( very funny and cute ) .

  34. Now I can't sleep damn it! lol