Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogfest Giveaway Winners Announced...

I wont keep you waiting... Moo, Bear and Bubble helped me put out the washing then we made room for the bean bag, folded the names and each found a winner.


Set... (Bubble is more interested in the hose under the fence).

Everyone has a piece of paper...

Moo pulls out tea and cake who said 'I bet I could fit his head in my mouth - watch this...'

I have no way of contacting Moo's winner so if someone out there in blog land knows tea and cake could you let them know?

Bear pulls out Rainbow Child who said "You call THAT a yawn? I'll show you a yawn!"

Bubble has a name hiding in her pocket... Gina who said "Listen darling I said 'meet your third child' not 'eat your third child!'


We decided we would choose 3 winners who can choose 1 item each from the Giveaway List which I will hand make for them using recycled fabrics...


  1. fabulous way to pick the winners!!!

  2. Oh myg osh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh hurrah! How very lovely and exciting for MEEEEE... I love a bit of giveaway loot and especially from one of my inspiration heroines :-). Phew now to check out that enormous giveaway list again...

  4. Congrats!!! Everyone is sooo funny!!!