Friday, October 30, 2009

B2 and Aprons Complete...

We have officially finished B2 (Banner 2) and the aprons for Allie's Attic. It was a labour of love and handmade genius.

So have a look and tell me Team MooBear Rocks!! I already know it but I love hearing it!!

Logo's ready to go...

Pocket embellishments ready to go...

Tah Dah...
My Mum came past to lend a hand and she was the perfect model for the aprons. I am a bit of a shorty and I would rather be behind the camera... hehe.
Thanks Mum!!!

So Sweet... I want to make more of these hearts they are just too cute!!

Pink buttons and hearts go hand in hand.

The process to make B2 was exactly the same as B1 only a lot smaller and I really didn't want to be repeating myself. So you can view the finished product. Once again all materials used are recycled/refashioned or sourced from 2nd hand stores.

More buttons and bows.

Final display out side. Some people even slowed down to check out what we were doing. Maybe we'll see them at the Markets...

So after I post this I am going to sit down on the couch and feed Bubble, who will hopefully have a sleep. Maybe enjoy a Friday night beer or wine or possibly a champagne to celebrate the completion (but not the end) of the Allie's Attic projects this week as well as blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY for Blogfest. It wasn't easy but once I commit there is no turning back.

Today is also your last chance to enter our GIVEAWAY. I was thinking of adding a handmade banner into the prize pool to choose from but I think I'll leave it for another time when I don't have so much to do. Tomorrow Moo, Bear and Bubble will each choose a winner.

That's 3 people who get to choose a prize each!!!

Hurry up I am so excited!!

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