Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Allie's Attic Banner...

Remember the MooBear banner I made last week for our first markets stall? Well, Allie from Allie's Attic saw the banner I made and soon after we were on the phone talking about creativeness and craftiness and all things wonderful.

The outcome of lots of conversations is that Carlos and I are hand making Allie her market banners in true MooBear style. We are really excited about participating in Allies Attic and even more excited to be able to help Allie get her wonderful Allie's Attic Markets up off the ground and flying high.

So what have we done so far. Have a look and be amazed!!!

The first banner we are tackling is the largest banner 4m x 1m.

First we sourced 4 perfect blinds. Then I sat out in the sun and deconstructed them. This involved some unpicking, pulling out wood strips, and removing hooks. This task was actually quite therapeutic... Then we soaked them squeaky clean.

Put all the pieces off to one side... don't throw them away though as we may still be able to use them later... hmmm good thinking 99!!

Carlos and I used our time wisely getting Moo ready for school by plotting our idea's on paper.
Here I have my idea for the time and date.

Time to play around with some material, ribbons, photo's and buttons. Watch out for those little piggies above, they are ready to trample all my hard work. They also show you the scale I was working with.

Carlos works his magic with the photos. I tried this one time but it wasn't for me. Now we are using iron on transfers for the photos and I still don't feel confident with an iron. Carlos knows exactly what to do and really ladies...
There is nothing sexier than a man with an iron!!

Some fabric possibilities. Now for the fun part.

Now for the fun part. Finding a place in our house to stretch out a 4m long banner. Behind our couch is perfect and we can block off traffic too. So we plotted out where the letters would go and yes there are missing letters but only the ones that are doubled up... trying to save the planet remember...

Carlos was being funny one day about a t-shirt design and suggested I do it in reverse applique. Well I nearly died laughing because one, those words sounded like they should have came out of my Grandma's mouth and not my DJ husband who has a mohawk. Two there is no way he could know what reverse applique was...right?
He shocked me by describing it perfectly.

So now every time I ask him for some sewing input we laugh and say Reverse Applique... which is what we are going to do for the words Allie's Attic...

Check out Allie's Attic on Facebook too.

Stay tuned for more Allie's Attic banner madness...


  1. Is there anything you guys can't do???

  2. Go Steph....!!!! and Carlos.
    Yeah clever! We need some dints taken out of our car...... can you do that?
    Ally <'v'>

  3. I TOTALLY understand about the "man with the iron"!! My husband is the the one who irons in this house!! I am AWFUL at it, and only really started doing better with pressing recently because of the necessity with sewing!! And this from a girl who was in the military for 13 years and was supposed to have an extremely crisp uniform!! Oh well...it gives him something to hold over me!! :D

    That is going to be the COOLEST banner and will attract lots of customers!! Straight to the equally COOLEST MooBear banner!! YAY!

  4. yep steph.... secretly i think carlos was an old woman in his past life.... he knows many things you expect only a woman to know... its freaky lol