Monday, October 26, 2009

Allie's Attic Banner ONE...

Ahh yes... The Allie's Attic Banner instalments are coming to an end. Well at least for the first banner. We still have 2 more to make this week and a hand full of buntings as well.

These photos are from Thursday night.
The best time of the day to get things done with kids is when they are sleeping so that's what we did.

We finally decided on the brown frame for the photo back ground. Originally I had wanted to include the vinyl backing as a frame for the photos but we decided it was too much and went with the brown which ties the gift tags at the other end...

Gift tags at the other end which have clear pockets to remove and change the time and dates. Which makes for one very reusable banner!!

I am set up on our lounge room floor. It is time to sew. Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?

Baby Cakes were kind enough to give us a box of coffee flavoured Baby Cakes which kept me going through the night.

Did you spot what was wrong in the other photo?... Yep without realising we had sewn Attic first. We had a big laugh and then a sob then got to it with our unpickers. Carlos is a mean unpickerer (is there another word for this skill?). He unpicked all the letters while I had only just finished the 'C'...

Back on track and sewing the photo frames onto the banner.

Hand sewing the giant buttons into place...

Yep even Carlos does a bit of hand sewing.

Then we had to sew the backing to the front by creating a boarder. This was by far the hardest thing to do because feeding 4m of vinyl and curtain through a sewing machine is just plain hard, heavy and tiring at 3am...hehe

So all that is left to do is put the rings on and sew the time and dates onto their backing with velcro and we are done...


  1. You are so clever Steph! and seems your Man has a few hidden skills in the sewing and unpicking dpt too!!! I wish I was in NSW to come along to the market. Miss the state terribly is that possible?? to miss a state? hmm anyway you are da bomb lol xx

  2. WOW this is Brilliant!!! In fact more than Brilliant!!!!

  3. Oh dear Steph..... Attic Allie's... I can just imagine the laughing, then the crying. Lucky you had each other to get through. The banner looks amazing. You guys have done a brilliant job.

  4. So much hard work, but worth it!!!

  5. Ahhhh Steph, what can I say, you and Carlos have clearly outdone yourself.. what an amaZing job, I could go on forever how well this fits with our brand.. looks amazing.. thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  6. Ahhhh Steph, what can i say except it looks absolutely amazing! Well done to you both who worked through the early hours of the morning to get this done.. I am in awe of what a fantastic job you have both achieved!

  7. I am always blown away by your talents...but THIS IS BEYOND _______!!!! (insert favorite adjective, I can't think of one GOOD enough!!) I did a little crying the other day serger was acting up so I spent 2 HRS opening it, cleaning it, trying to get removed parts back in....only for it to STILL not be working!!! UGH!! Finally it just started, for no reason!! Go out and CELEBRATE when this is and Carlos deserve it!! :)

  8. Looks fabulous!!!!
    Well done you two, you make an awesome team :)