Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Allie's Attic Banner One Complete...

Oh My Golly (Carlos laughs when I say this hehe) The Allie's Attic Handmade Banner is complete... Please hold your applause till the end.

The time and date interchangeable panels are all done. Each one was hand painted, cut and sewn.
Extremely innovative and creative.

That's a great slogan actually!! Hunters Hill details are the first to be used!!

Giant buttons... I never ever thought I would be making a 4m handmade banner in my life time!!!

The final stitch has been sewn people!! This is the face of happiness, love and sheer excitement... Cue applause!

A little MooBear Love!!
People are going to want to know who made this wonderful handmade work of art...hehe.

So I should probably let you know what materials went into this banner. MooBear likes to work with recycled material, clothing and off cuts. Not everything is recycled as we didn't have time to source the materials but it's all handmade. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the materials we used...

Banner backing we used a curtain which I deconstructed.
Allie's Attic lettering we sourced red corduroy jeans and denim jeans plus we use these for our MooBear Designs.
Backing for 'Handmade heaven from birth and beyond + www.alliesattic.com.au' we sourced 2 pillow cases and hand painted the text.
Brown backing for photos we sourced a mans cotton button up shirt.
Red backing for photos we sourced a red T-shirt.
Giant buttons are from Lincraft.
Brown gift tag we sourced off cut material.
Clear window material from Lincraft.
Red bows on gift tags are the off cuts from the red T-shirt.
Rick Rack from Lincraft.
Backing for time and date is the off cuts from the pillow cases.
Vinyl backing for time, date and main banner from Lincraft.
Photo's printed on iron transfer using high quality Epson printer then ironed onto off cut white material.

So we'll be seeing you at Allie's Attic Markets at Hunters Hill Community Church

Cnr Ferdinand & Alexandra St Hunters Hill NSW 2110

(opposite Hunters Hill Public School) on Saturday 14th November from 10am-3pm

You must come past and say hi and check out the banner (and all the MooBear goodies of course)!!


  1. Great job guys, and what a mammoth effort!

  2. I wanna come!!! :) I think that is my favorite picture of you yet, you look so cute sitting on the floor!!
    I am just SO IMPRESSED by your efforts. That is one SUPER banner!!

  3. Aren't you just a bit clever? Well done on getting through it all Steph. And well done on sourcing all of that material, so much of it reclaimed, you are an inspiration. xx

  4. I'm applauding loudly, I'm applauding loudly!!! Congratulations gang. What a fantastic effort.