Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogfest Giveaway Winners Announced...

I wont keep you waiting... Moo, Bear and Bubble helped me put out the washing then we made room for the bean bag, folded the names and each found a winner.


Set... (Bubble is more interested in the hose under the fence).

Everyone has a piece of paper...

Moo pulls out tea and cake who said 'I bet I could fit his head in my mouth - watch this...'

I have no way of contacting Moo's winner so if someone out there in blog land knows tea and cake could you let them know?

Bear pulls out Rainbow Child who said "You call THAT a yawn? I'll show you a yawn!"

Bubble has a name hiding in her pocket... Gina who said "Listen darling I said 'meet your third child' not 'eat your third child!'


We decided we would choose 3 winners who can choose 1 item each from the Giveaway List which I will hand make for them using recycled fabrics...

Bubble's New Snuggle Toy...

Since our work load has picked up Carlos and I decided we had to change Bubble's night time routine. We were going to change it a couple of months ago but I was having separation issues. I am serious. I like having her with me and Carlos told me I needed to let go but I couldn't. I even got cranky at him. But he was right and I knew that. I just had to adjust to the idea. Also Bear and Moo sleep in the room next to us and I didn't want Bubble crying and disturbing their sleep.

But It was time!!

Usually we put Moo and Bear to bed at the same time and we, for the past year would just take Bubble with us down stairs and she would either feed to sleep ( I know, I know... bad Mum!!) or she would get comfy (eventually) and fall asleep. When WE were ready we would take her upstairs to the cot. More often than not she would wake up.
Carlos and I have never watched a movie right through. Nor have we slept a full nights sleep (I am not complaining though such is the life of our and most families)


Bubble took to the new routine like a duck to water. She was a big grumpy bum to begin with but has adjusted within a few days to the routine. She no longer comes down stairs with us at night. She self settles and she doesn't disturb Moo or Bear while they are asleep. Carlos and I have watched our first movie together all the way through with no children on the couch.


I feed her in the rocking chair in our room. Then I lay her in the cot with her new snuggle toy who we have named Monstruo (Spanish for Monster).

Bear likes to call him Monto. I am not sure why...

I made him back in June using the pattern on Claire's Blog. You'll find it on her side bar.

Monstruo is extremely special as I still have my snuggle toy from when I was a baby. Moo still has her's and Bear's is hiding under his bed. I just love that it is a handmade toy and even better the pattern is from an inspirational friend who means more to me than she probably realises. Claire you know you rock but I am telling you again!!!

Claire has an Etsy Store with her sock creation patterns... I'm not talking about your regular sock monkeys either... or you can visit her new online store Craft Schmaft. She will also be at the up and coming Allie's Attic Markets.

Have you heard of Allie's Attic yet?? Hehe

Friday, October 30, 2009

B2 and Aprons Complete...

We have officially finished B2 (Banner 2) and the aprons for Allie's Attic. It was a labour of love and handmade genius.

So have a look and tell me Team MooBear Rocks!! I already know it but I love hearing it!!

Logo's ready to go...

Pocket embellishments ready to go...

Tah Dah...
My Mum came past to lend a hand and she was the perfect model for the aprons. I am a bit of a shorty and I would rather be behind the camera... hehe.
Thanks Mum!!!

So Sweet... I want to make more of these hearts they are just too cute!!

Pink buttons and hearts go hand in hand.

The process to make B2 was exactly the same as B1 only a lot smaller and I really didn't want to be repeating myself. So you can view the finished product. Once again all materials used are recycled/refashioned or sourced from 2nd hand stores.

More buttons and bows.

Final display out side. Some people even slowed down to check out what we were doing. Maybe we'll see them at the Markets...

So after I post this I am going to sit down on the couch and feed Bubble, who will hopefully have a sleep. Maybe enjoy a Friday night beer or wine or possibly a champagne to celebrate the completion (but not the end) of the Allie's Attic projects this week as well as blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY for Blogfest. It wasn't easy but once I commit there is no turning back.

Today is also your last chance to enter our GIVEAWAY. I was thinking of adding a handmade banner into the prize pool to choose from but I think I'll leave it for another time when I don't have so much to do. Tomorrow Moo, Bear and Bubble will each choose a winner.

That's 3 people who get to choose a prize each!!!

Hurry up I am so excited!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Creative Space - Allie's Attic Banner Two.

More creations for Allie's Attic.

This time we are working on B2 (Banner 2) which is A LOT smaller than B1.

As well as logo's for aprons.

Our creativeness spread all across the table...

Which fabric to use... there are so manny to choose from we might just use them all...

A quick look at B2. Everything still needs to be sewn down and embellished. It's going to look wonderful!!

For more Creative Spaces to help inspire you head over to Kootoyoo...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ethical Clothing Pledge...

We have taken Isis' Ethical Clothing Pledge too.

I called past Nikki's blog only to discover she had taken the Ethical Clothing Pledge so I followed the blog trail through the world wide web and discovered Gina had taken the pledge as well. These two girls have helped me in the blogging world. I admire what they have achieved plus I have learnt a lot from them both... Thanks Girls.

This pledge is totally MooBear all the way!!

So Team MooBear pledges to only wear clothing that is one or more of the following:

1. Pre-loved
2. Handmade (preferably by us)
3. Reconstructed
4. Made with ethical / environmentally friendly materials
5. Made by a company with strong ethical policy & workers' rights

This has been my personal goal and now it flows over into MooBear Designs and soon to be new funky refashion label Over It...

I want to thank Isis' for taking her personal pledge and letting us join in. It's refreshing to find new people who value a lot of the same things as us. We are all capable of making a difference no matter how small.

So while I am here I thought I would share with you my new outfit. I am not a hat person but when I saw this grey one in the op shop it was screaming at me like a blank canvas in a craft store... plus it hides my roots.

Dress $7 from our local Vinnies (aka The Treasure Shop)
White Tee is my work top.
Hat $4 from Treasure Shop.
Crochet accessories arrived today from Boutique Creations.

Kylie is another Bizbabe graduate and needed some photo's taken of her products. Of course I am totally available for helping bizbabes... no matter how big or small... and no matter how busy I am.

3 New MooBear Designs...

We have been super busy and have been waiting to share with you our 3 New MooBear Designs. Even better they are just in time for Summer...

So let me introduce you to the newest and possibly one of our most yummiest designs...

Moo in 'Mooilicious' Ice Cream.

Bear in 'Bearilicious' Ice Cream.

Bear in 'Bubblelicious' Ice Cream.

Bear has to have what his big sister has...

All 3 designs are now available to buy in our SHOP.

I will be back to blog about the origins of these designs later in the week.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Allie's Attic Banner One Complete...

Oh My Golly (Carlos laughs when I say this hehe) The Allie's Attic Handmade Banner is complete... Please hold your applause till the end.

The time and date interchangeable panels are all done. Each one was hand painted, cut and sewn.
Extremely innovative and creative.

That's a great slogan actually!! Hunters Hill details are the first to be used!!

Giant buttons... I never ever thought I would be making a 4m handmade banner in my life time!!!

The final stitch has been sewn people!! This is the face of happiness, love and sheer excitement... Cue applause!

A little MooBear Love!!
People are going to want to know who made this wonderful handmade work of art...hehe.

So I should probably let you know what materials went into this banner. MooBear likes to work with recycled material, clothing and off cuts. Not everything is recycled as we didn't have time to source the materials but it's all handmade. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the materials we used...

Banner backing we used a curtain which I deconstructed.
Allie's Attic lettering we sourced red corduroy jeans and denim jeans plus we use these for our MooBear Designs.
Backing for 'Handmade heaven from birth and beyond +' we sourced 2 pillow cases and hand painted the text.
Brown backing for photos we sourced a mans cotton button up shirt.
Red backing for photos we sourced a red T-shirt.
Giant buttons are from Lincraft.
Brown gift tag we sourced off cut material.
Clear window material from Lincraft.
Red bows on gift tags are the off cuts from the red T-shirt.
Rick Rack from Lincraft.
Backing for time and date is the off cuts from the pillow cases.
Vinyl backing for time, date and main banner from Lincraft.
Photo's printed on iron transfer using high quality Epson printer then ironed onto off cut white material.

So we'll be seeing you at Allie's Attic Markets at Hunters Hill Community Church

Cnr Ferdinand & Alexandra St Hunters Hill NSW 2110

(opposite Hunters Hill Public School) on Saturday 14th November from 10am-3pm

You must come past and say hi and check out the banner (and all the MooBear goodies of course)!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Allie's Attic Banner ONE...

Ahh yes... The Allie's Attic Banner instalments are coming to an end. Well at least for the first banner. We still have 2 more to make this week and a hand full of buntings as well.

These photos are from Thursday night.
The best time of the day to get things done with kids is when they are sleeping so that's what we did.

We finally decided on the brown frame for the photo back ground. Originally I had wanted to include the vinyl backing as a frame for the photos but we decided it was too much and went with the brown which ties the gift tags at the other end...

Gift tags at the other end which have clear pockets to remove and change the time and dates. Which makes for one very reusable banner!!

I am set up on our lounge room floor. It is time to sew. Can you spot what is wrong with this picture?

Baby Cakes were kind enough to give us a box of coffee flavoured Baby Cakes which kept me going through the night.

Did you spot what was wrong in the other photo?... Yep without realising we had sewn Attic first. We had a big laugh and then a sob then got to it with our unpickers. Carlos is a mean unpickerer (is there another word for this skill?). He unpicked all the letters while I had only just finished the 'C'...

Back on track and sewing the photo frames onto the banner.

Hand sewing the giant buttons into place...

Yep even Carlos does a bit of hand sewing.

Then we had to sew the backing to the front by creating a boarder. This was by far the hardest thing to do because feeding 4m of vinyl and curtain through a sewing machine is just plain hard, heavy and tiring at 3am...hehe

So all that is left to do is put the rings on and sew the time and dates onto their backing with velcro and we are done...