Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some Refashioning and Some Finds...

So I was going to refashion the toddler shirts but I am going to hold off on them for now. Sometimes having 3 kids at home means less time to sew... Sew instead I added a collar and buttons from one of Moo's size 5 shirts and added them onto a top I randomly pulled out of her draw. This was the result...

I put it on the angel on purpose. Carlos thought I had stuffed it up... lol.
There are plenty of tutorials out there for this as well... I am sure there are a stack of them on Wardrobe Refashion too...

My collar was slightly off...oops.

Moo really likes it thinks it's "Cool Mum..."
I am happy she acknowledged my efforts...

But why stop there?! I whipped Bubble up a tutu using a singlet, tule, and buttons...Oldie but a goodie!!

Bear may have scored the find of the century!! Carlos' old KISS shirt from when he was a wee young lad... How wicked is that!!


  1. Moo's top is AWESOME Steph. Wow... it makes such a difference and transforms a t.shirt into a super cool top. What a clever idea... what a clever you!

  2. Hurrah, great work Steph. Love the angle, very quirky! I was thinking about making something with the collar I have left over from my shirt skirt... hmmm...

  3. I really like the idea of reusing a collar and buttons/snap placket this way. (My 8 year old self would have loved to have Moo's shirt).

  4. Great work they look awesome am loving the kidd shirt