Saturday, September 26, 2009

OMG... Who Is The New Woman!!

You know the saying "Change is as good as a holiday?" Well I think you can see why my change is as good... if not better than a holiday.

...Blue Steel...

A Bit of back story. My brother in-law Anthony, who is a hair dresser at Prema asked if I knew anyone who would be up to having their hair dyed. The catch was their hair had to be "virgin hair" which meant had never been dyed before AND were willing to go blonde. I knew nobody except for myself.
So that's how I came to be the hair model for Ash.


I also got to meet Zoe from Locate My Hairdresser (remember she did a feature on MooBear and an interview with me?) It was nice to catch up face to face and I look forward to seeing Ash, Zoe and Prema's owner Frank who has promised Bear a much needed hair cut!!


Ash, the girl on my left did an AWESOME job on my hair and I think she deserves a round of applause because apparently my hair was very tricky to transform but SHE did it!! And that's Zoe directly behind me...

Just incase any of my readers are hairdressers this is for you!! I haven't a clue how to read it but I do know that I am a natural number 3 with a range of colours in between.

Seriously loving my new do.

For an added extra I have a few extensions I can play around with to match my rockin new do to my clothes.
OH and my high school reunion is tomorrow so it should be interesting I think... hehe

For the record this was my hair before... ewe!!


  1. It really suits you I have to say! You must feel like a right spunk ;-)

  2. rockstar!!! wow, looking good Steph ♥

  3. Wow. What a change Steph. You look great and I guess now you'll be able to find out if blondes do have more fun!

  4. There is only one word for that Steph... Turbo Cool (OK that's two words). Love it!

  5. arrrgghhh.....arrrgghhhh....AAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!
    I almost fell off my chair!! You look soooo good!! I love it!!!!!!!! The style, the colour (the face LOL!) it really suits you. OMG!!

  6. There is some SERIOUS fun going on over there!! You look fabulous...I really like it! I think all of the ppl who were SOOO envious of you in HS because of how cool you were.....are going to totally HATE you now!!!! When Moo and Bear start entering HS will definitely be MILF material!! :D

  7. WOW. I didn't know what you looked like prior to the blonde bombshell look but my goodness, what a hair cut, it's amazing! What's it like to be a blonde?!!!! You can be my inside agent and tell me whether they REALLY have more fun...

  8. wow Steph....looks fantastic!!! love the have inspired me, I might actually use that bottle of blonde hair dye thats been on my bathroom floor for 3 weeks now!