Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space has exploded in all directions. I have been crafting, framing, hammering, sewing... EVERYTHING. So I figured I should just show you some of it.

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This is my half complete hanging mobile made from the frame of a lamp shade. I saw this at the Prints Charming stand at the Stitches and Craft Show and thought what a fantastic idea. you can see the stall photos on their blog here. It's off to the left only their lamp shade is much bigger. Their studio is just down the road for me and I must MUST get back down there!!
The granny squares were from Tina Girl in Melbourne. I totally adore them and want them displayed for BBB. I will be adding more later.

Finally a display board in our bedroom. I have so many things floating around my dresser when I could easily display them. So I covered a canvas we had lying around then added the ribbon. Everything on the board is special and I like that I can move it and add to it!!

This has been a long time coming. When you share your room with a baby it's hard to make it "your own room". I decided to put a beautiful piece of fabric which Emily sent me in a box of her scraps. The frame is just amazing and I have had it in storage thinking where I should put it. I just decided enough was enough and started hammering in nails to the wall to display things.
Sometimes you just gotta do it and I like it!!

This was a funny story. I wanted a clothes line type of display above my 2nd work bench. This line was our 4th attempted of the day. The first 3 left a big whole in our wall above the 2 drawings on the left.
But we got there in the end and now it displays all the things I picked up from the Stitches and Craft Show, some online tutorials, Mixtape, Moo's craft as she is back into her embroidering as I finally found a hoop.

Bubble pulled out my stash of fabric samples and had a ball crawling along the path I created just looking at the shapes and colours. Her new word is "disth" which we have interpreted as "look at what I can see" or "this". I got about an hour of crafting done while she amused herself with fabric.

Hang in there I am nearly done.
I made a party garland after stopping past The Purl Bee and seeing her wonderful tutorial. The only difference is I didn't have time to cut out shapes over a week. I did however have these rectangular scraps from KissKiss HugHug's breast feeding covers.
Finally... My new ring YAY!!
Finally... My new ring YAY!!
Made by me using the hem of the corduroy dress used for the Purple Bear's Rar! Nothing goes to waste in my studio!!!

I won't be back until next week as tomorrow we are preparing for BBB. Party time Saturday... Moo has another party Sunday. Then Monday I will be at the group 6 Bizness Babes Graduation!! So hopefully I will see you all on Tuesday... although I may be getting my hair done...hehe

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  1. Wowzers Steph. I am exhausted from just reading about all the cool stuff you have been / are doing! You are amazing how you fit everything in... but I guess when you love soing what you do, it just works out.

  2. YES! YES!! A very busy Steph indeed!! And somehow you manage to keep your creative space SO neat!! Impressive! MY creative space on the other hand, looks like a hurricane passed through!! Seriously! :D Have a GREAT weekend partying!! Be safe! I'll see you Wed?? Maybe I'll have something to post by then!!!

  3. What a sensational idea that granny mobile is!

    One glance at you blog and I think busy, busy, busy. I bet you don't waste a second!

  4. My goodness...where do you find the time? So so busy - it's great! Love the mobile, very clever.

  5. Lots of action, love that mobile too. What a clever ring..:)

  6. OMG I need a bex and a good lie down after reading that. Steph you are a machine! Especially love the lamp shade mobile and the ring. Super Cool.

  7. What a cool idea to frame that fabric! I never would have thought to do that. Glad to see you getting some use out of that box of scraps!