Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MooBear Designs Supports Earth Hour and Project Lantern

Here at MooBear, we have always been great supporters of Earth Hour. This year saw 88 countries and more than 4000 cities participate.

Now, Earth Hour are moving on to the next phase and are asking for you to VOTE EARTH before the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in December 2009.

Your children can also participate by taking part in Project Lantern. All they have to do is download the Project Lantern kit, print off and decorate the lantern and then send it off to be displayed at a special exhibit at COP15.

Just visit for more info.

You'll also notice when you download the kit that our "Moo's Earth" tee is featured in the photos. We VOTE EARTH by using recycled fabrics for our designs and by using environmentally friendly garments.

You can buy your very own Earth friendly "Moo's Earth" shirt in our shop.

Earth Hour Project Lantern photos ©

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