Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday and I can't wait... to start refashioning!!
I took The Pledge but really I have been doing it for the past 3 years. I made a conscious choice not buy new for myself. So I made my own, refashioned my own, op shopped and even swapped for nearly all the items I have. I feel better knowing that I am giving life to an unwanted item. This time I get to actually document and share what I make with you... Exciting stuff.

As well as not giving into the big "What's in Fashion" must be worn and multi billion dollar companies with a label everyone recognises therefore must have too.

I believe fashion is a personal choice and not what society (or Mum) tells you to wear!!
That's my little rant... I could go one but I don't want to be a fun sucker...

So I have a small collection of items I am looking forward to refashioning but I had no where to put them. BUT in true treasure hunt tradition Moo and I found these that someone had thrown out and they were perfect. I had been looking for a vintage pair of suitcases for ages and ages. The planets and stars alined for me especially last night.
One big one and one small one. I wonder how many places these suit cases had seen, clothes they had contained, people they had helped...? I would be amazed at the extraordinary story they could tell... and I would listen to every word.

The smaller one is my choice for storing my 'refashion wannabes' stash. I used a paper pattern to line the interior as it was a little rusty and grotty... just like the lid but I love the look of it and didn't see the point in having a vintage suit case if you can't se it's age so I left the lid as is!!

Voila... instant refashion wannabe's storage solution!!
*Clapping Excitedly*

Bubble and our cat Dory ( yes Dory as in the fish) had to inspect my marvelous idea for themselves.

Head over to Buttons By Lou Lou and see who else can't wait today.


  1. What fab finds - what is the blue and brown check (great colour combo)?
    Your cat has an amazing resemblance to mine!

  2. Love the idea of the pattern paper. Look forward to seeing the re-fashioning!

  3. I LOVE old suitcases....you are right, there is something exciting/mysterious about them!! And about the refashioning.....Girl, YOU are so far ahead of the curve, the curve has to BEND MORE to keep up with you!! :D I just added to my own refashioning collections....it is called, "my two oldest boys moved out and didn't want to take all of their stuff with them so now it is MINE!!!!" Have a good day!!

  4. Hi Steph,
    I love these suitcases - what a find! And what great props for your gorgeous photos, not to mention being perfect for storage as you are saying.... Wow!
    Thanks also for the lovely mention of Babyjo on your blog! You rock.... We are getting our delivery of striped blankets around the 18th Sep (They were so popular that they signed out) - Lets work something out so that you can get your hands on one finally - lol.
    xx Jo