Monday, September 14, 2009

Cooking With Bear...

Ok so technically it wasn't cooking it was mixing. But we put it into the oven... so maybe it's baking...
Bear has been at me for ages to make a cake. Which to him means getting a heap of random ingredients and mixing them in a bowl. So we did and be warned it was all Bear directed. He added the ingredients I merely assisted when adult help was needed. Because sometimes it's the process not the product that is important.

So these are our basic ingredients all chosen by Bear.

Elephants poo (100's and 1000's) and Sultana's are first to go in.

Then he peels 3 banana's.

Funny man accidently puts the skin in the bowl and not the bin. Then continues to do so because it's funny!!

Do we mash or stir??!! Try both we say!!

Time to taste test...

That's a lot of milk...

Ah yes the flour. That's important...

Oranges. Now I would have used the juicer and helped here but he insisted on hand squeezing them. Then he ripped out the orange chunks and put them in too.

Give it a small... he also added cinnamon. So far so good...

Time to lick the spoon (again). Always the best bit!! I got the bowl hehe.

The Result!!

One very self impressed boy!!

Bear and I would like to dedicate this post to Brenda who inspired us to try another art form. The art of cooking.


  1. That's AWESOME!!!!!! Love it! And the cake looks so moist too, well done Bear (the under 5's new masterchef LOL)

  2. Oh wow looks like he had a ball!

  3. There are a few votes in there for Mother of the Year Steph. And bonus points to Bear for eating it!

  4. It looks VERY yummy!! Great job BEAR!!!