Friday, September 11, 2009

Bubble's New Dress...

Well I finally tackled the toddler shirt and turned it into a dress for Bubble!! It was fun, easy and I pretty much winged it which is very me.

It was a size 3 shirt so technically it sould fit her till she is 3 maybe even 4 years old because the straps are tie up.

Bubble definitely suits the look.
I used bias binding which was actually in my stash of things from my Grandma so it's a little bit special too.

I added little pleats either side of the buttons to bring it in to fit her better!!
I was also thinking of making her some frilling nappy cover ups to use the left over arms pieces. That way she can wear it alone in Summer or a matching hat... Can you see it?! I can and I think it would totally look adorable!!

And the back view. I also added some pleats to the back for the same reason!!
Who says you can't wear your older brothers clothes!!??
Dress it up. Dress it down. Wear it alone or with jeans... I might have to make myself one.. hmm i wonder if Carlos would notice some shirts missing? hehe


  1. Oh Steph, this is SO SWEET!! I love it!! Now she needs a little pair of cowgirl boots...she will be stylin'!! :D

  2. A frilly nappy cover up is a must. Your refashioning is awesome Steph. And no, I am sure Carlos would not notice siome missing shirts, especially if his wife was looking hot in her new dresses!!!

  3. Awesome! I totally think you should make one for yourself, too.

  4. Steph that is gorgeous, I LOVE IT. Especially love that you included all the button detailing and pockets at the front. I have to say this is the most awesome refashion project I've seen to date. You rock chicky!

  5. Oh!! You did great job on this baby dress!! It looks wonderful...