Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bubbles Birthday BBQ Outfit...

It's a pretty big deal to be turning ONE... So you need a pretty awesome outfit that everyone is going to comment on and remember!!

Bubble officially turns 1 year old on the 24th Sept but we are having The Bubble Birthday BBQ on Saturday 19th (if your in the area you should definitely call in for some authentic South American BBQ you wont regret it oh and to say hi of course)

So I went back to the drawing board and made some accessories for Bubble's up-cycled dress.

Bubble poses for a photo.

I found this tutorial to make the children's undies. I like this tutorial because the pictures are easy to understand. I used an old light blue T-shirt for the pants and the arm cuffs for the frill. There was no hemming or over locking needed as it was already done.
(on a personal note I might have to make myself some frilly knickers hahaha but you wont see anyone modelling them!!!)

The last little detail using the hemmed arms of the light blue T-shirt to make the head band then I made a yoyo only this time I put the perfect little button to match. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever. I like that it is understated with a little sparkle in the middle.

I thought I would also share with you all the names that Bubble goes by.
She was named after her Abuela (Spanish for Grandma). Bubble was given to her when I asked Bear what was in my tummy and it stuck.
1. Bubble
2. Chicken, The Chicken
3. Cruz (her first name)
4. Cruzie
5. Catalina (her middle name)
6. Cathy (is what her Abuela was always called)
7. Cat (Bear likes this one)
8.Cruz Catalina
9. Bubs, Bubsle (Moo calls her)
10. C.C. (we stumbled upon today)

That's a lot of names for a little girl.


  1. Oh she's perfect, and I lOVE the outfit. My Bubble (or Pudding, Chuckles, Charlie, Charlie-B-Bear, Bear, Booby-Monster!) is one on Sept 20th. No swanky outfit for him, as yet. Not really the ruffle type, sigh.

  2. OH you are soooo clever I love this pretty dress!Big Happy 1st birthday to your little pricess (there for another name now!!)So now I am waiting for the mummy frills;))))hehe

  3. So cute!!! Thanks for the link to yet another AWESOME blog!!! :) I like the pictures too, very easy to follow!! That button IS perfect!! :D

    What a fabulous name, BTW!!

  4. She is SOOO cute Steph and she looks divine. I have a Lucia and she goes by: LuLu, loodles, noodles, looch the pooch, poochie, lulu bum...it's crazy. My other girls just go by thier normal names! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!