Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovestamp Silhouette Pendent Swap...

I love it when things just match up perfectly.
I was lucky enough to win another pendant from Lovestamp during the Fashion Hunt. Remember the Rock, Lighthouse I won? My win consisted of 2 stamped silhouette pendants with my choice of birth stones. I asked Jo if I could arranged payment for a third girl pendant as I have 3 children and she suggested a swap. Well of course we can do a swap. Jo requested the Bubble Factory and I received a third pendant. When I have baby number 4 it will be easy to add on an additional pendant... I love it.

The idea behind these is when my children are old enough they will each get their own name and birth stone which I have held close to my heart.

Check out Jo's blog for her new Bubble Factory MooBear Designs shirt...