Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MooBear Designs Supports Earth Hour and Project Lantern

Here at MooBear, we have always been great supporters of Earth Hour. This year saw 88 countries and more than 4000 cities participate.

Now, Earth Hour are moving on to the next phase and are asking for you to VOTE EARTH before the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in December 2009.

Your children can also participate by taking part in Project Lantern. All they have to do is download the Project Lantern kit, print off and decorate the lantern and then send it off to be displayed at a special exhibit at COP15.

Just visit for more info.

You'll also notice when you download the kit that our "Moo's Earth" tee is featured in the photos. We VOTE EARTH by using recycled fabrics for our designs and by using environmentally friendly garments.

You can buy your very own Earth friendly "Moo's Earth" shirt in our shop.

Earth Hour Project Lantern photos ©

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Ultimate Custom Made Purse...

I am super excited that Ally has taken on the enormous responsibility of making my UCMP. I sketched out my main ideas for her and I was a little reluctant to show her incase she thought I was insane. At no point did she say "No that isn't possible!" or "Your Nutso Girl!"

She took it all onboard and even threw some idea's back at me which were great!!
I have given her 2 really bright coloured ties to work into the design as well.

The most important part of my purse is my light sabar hook. It goes everywhere with me. I decided the bag would just be too big if I put a light sabar in it. So decided on a hook instead.

Just some of the things that may or may not be going in my custom made purse.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovestamp Silhouette Pendent Swap...

I love it when things just match up perfectly.
I was lucky enough to win another pendant from Lovestamp during the Fashion Hunt. Remember the Rock, Lighthouse I won? My win consisted of 2 stamped silhouette pendants with my choice of birth stones. I asked Jo if I could arranged payment for a third girl pendant as I have 3 children and she suggested a swap. Well of course we can do a swap. Jo requested the Bubble Factory and I received a third pendant. When I have baby number 4 it will be easy to add on an additional pendant... I love it.

The idea behind these is when my children are old enough they will each get their own name and birth stone which I have held close to my heart.

Check out Jo's blog for her new Bubble Factory MooBear Designs shirt...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

OMG... Who Is The New Woman!!

You know the saying "Change is as good as a holiday?" Well I think you can see why my change is as good... if not better than a holiday.

...Blue Steel...

A Bit of back story. My brother in-law Anthony, who is a hair dresser at Prema asked if I knew anyone who would be up to having their hair dyed. The catch was their hair had to be "virgin hair" which meant had never been dyed before AND were willing to go blonde. I knew nobody except for myself.
So that's how I came to be the hair model for Ash.


I also got to meet Zoe from Locate My Hairdresser (remember she did a feature on MooBear and an interview with me?) It was nice to catch up face to face and I look forward to seeing Ash, Zoe and Prema's owner Frank who has promised Bear a much needed hair cut!!


Ash, the girl on my left did an AWESOME job on my hair and I think she deserves a round of applause because apparently my hair was very tricky to transform but SHE did it!! And that's Zoe directly behind me...

Just incase any of my readers are hairdressers this is for you!! I haven't a clue how to read it but I do know that I am a natural number 3 with a range of colours in between.

Seriously loving my new do.

For an added extra I have a few extensions I can play around with to match my rockin new do to my clothes.
OH and my high school reunion is tomorrow so it should be interesting I think... hehe

For the record this was my hair before... ewe!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Bubble


8am wake up and time for the dreaded half awake photo which no family member can escaped.

This time 1year ago Cruz came into our world and we can not imagine life without her.

Mummy, Daddy, Moo and Bear love you to pieces Chicken!!

Bubble eyeing the strawberry Baby Cake. What better way to celebrate then with our own Baby Cake each.

My Creative Space...

My creative space has consisted of a few of these. I have been using the hem of the dress used or Bears Rar! to make rosie rings and brooches.
I made one for myself last week and wore it everyday and have had requests from friends to make them their very own. So that's what I have been doing. Marla girl got hers today too.

The ring I made last week.

Wondering what Over It is? It's the label I give all things I create from recycling, recreating, refashioning...When I am Over It what do I do? I think about how I can change it and create something bold and eye catching!! i haven't officially launched my label because I launched MooBear Designs and Over It is my hobby now and I enjoy making my recycled creations for friends and family. I am sure it wont be long till you see me launching Over It too.

When your Over It what do you do with it?

For more creative spaces check out Kootoyoo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust Storm or Mother Nature Getting Angry?

It's a bit of a shock when you wake up to find this view out your window. A couple of things ran through my mind.

The whole neighbourhood is on fire.
I have woken up on Mars.
Armageddon is upon us.
Alien's are arriving.
Mother Nature Is Pissed Off...

I vote for the last one because I believe the Red Dust is Mother telling us she is angry and not at all happy with how we are treating her. Never underestimate the powers of our Mother Earth. She has been here since the beginning of time and personally I would start apologising.

Photo curtsey of Ally's 9yr old.
I have this view from my kitchen window only I look out over Ally's house.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Studio Bambini...

I didn't think I could make any new noises but it turns out I had a high pitched squeal hidden away saved just for this occasion.

MooBear Designs has an ad in the current Studio Bambini Let's Shop guide on Page 54.
If you are passing a newsagent have a quick look hehe.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space has exploded in all directions. I have been crafting, framing, hammering, sewing... EVERYTHING. So I figured I should just show you some of it.

Don't forget to head over to Kootoyoo for more creative spaces.

This is my half complete hanging mobile made from the frame of a lamp shade. I saw this at the Prints Charming stand at the Stitches and Craft Show and thought what a fantastic idea. you can see the stall photos on their blog here. It's off to the left only their lamp shade is much bigger. Their studio is just down the road for me and I must MUST get back down there!!
The granny squares were from Tina Girl in Melbourne. I totally adore them and want them displayed for BBB. I will be adding more later.

Finally a display board in our bedroom. I have so many things floating around my dresser when I could easily display them. So I covered a canvas we had lying around then added the ribbon. Everything on the board is special and I like that I can move it and add to it!!

This has been a long time coming. When you share your room with a baby it's hard to make it "your own room". I decided to put a beautiful piece of fabric which Emily sent me in a box of her scraps. The frame is just amazing and I have had it in storage thinking where I should put it. I just decided enough was enough and started hammering in nails to the wall to display things.
Sometimes you just gotta do it and I like it!!

This was a funny story. I wanted a clothes line type of display above my 2nd work bench. This line was our 4th attempted of the day. The first 3 left a big whole in our wall above the 2 drawings on the left.
But we got there in the end and now it displays all the things I picked up from the Stitches and Craft Show, some online tutorials, Mixtape, Moo's craft as she is back into her embroidering as I finally found a hoop.

Bubble pulled out my stash of fabric samples and had a ball crawling along the path I created just looking at the shapes and colours. Her new word is "disth" which we have interpreted as "look at what I can see" or "this". I got about an hour of crafting done while she amused herself with fabric.

Hang in there I am nearly done.
I made a party garland after stopping past The Purl Bee and seeing her wonderful tutorial. The only difference is I didn't have time to cut out shapes over a week. I did however have these rectangular scraps from KissKiss HugHug's breast feeding covers.
Finally... My new ring YAY!!
Finally... My new ring YAY!!
Made by me using the hem of the corduroy dress used for the Purple Bear's Rar! Nothing goes to waste in my studio!!!

I won't be back until next week as tomorrow we are preparing for BBB. Party time Saturday... Moo has another party Sunday. Then Monday I will be at the group 6 Bizness Babes Graduation!! So hopefully I will see you all on Tuesday... although I may be getting my hair done...hehe

AND Don't forget to check out our GIVE AWAY with Enviro Central.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bubbles Birthday BBQ Outfit...

It's a pretty big deal to be turning ONE... So you need a pretty awesome outfit that everyone is going to comment on and remember!!

Bubble officially turns 1 year old on the 24th Sept but we are having The Bubble Birthday BBQ on Saturday 19th (if your in the area you should definitely call in for some authentic South American BBQ you wont regret it oh and to say hi of course)

So I went back to the drawing board and made some accessories for Bubble's up-cycled dress.

Bubble poses for a photo.

I found this tutorial to make the children's undies. I like this tutorial because the pictures are easy to understand. I used an old light blue T-shirt for the pants and the arm cuffs for the frill. There was no hemming or over locking needed as it was already done.
(on a personal note I might have to make myself some frilly knickers hahaha but you wont see anyone modelling them!!!)

The last little detail using the hemmed arms of the light blue T-shirt to make the head band then I made a yoyo only this time I put the perfect little button to match. Isn't it the sweetest thing ever. I like that it is understated with a little sparkle in the middle.

I thought I would also share with you all the names that Bubble goes by.
She was named after her Abuela (Spanish for Grandma). Bubble was given to her when I asked Bear what was in my tummy and it stuck.
1. Bubble
2. Chicken, The Chicken
3. Cruz (her first name)
4. Cruzie
5. Catalina (her middle name)
6. Cathy (is what her Abuela was always called)
7. Cat (Bear likes this one)
8.Cruz Catalina
9. Bubs, Bubsle (Moo calls her)
10. C.C. (we stumbled upon today)

That's a lot of names for a little girl.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Look What Arrived Today...

Lou from Buttons By LouLou was having a give away to celebrate her new stockist Vienne's Closet. She was feeling so generous that anyone who happened to mention the Retro Headband when entering her give away would win one!!

Thank You Lou for having a super generous day... YAY!!

So I took Moo's new Retro Headband up to school and she couldn't put it on fast enough...
I have also been saying Retro all week just incase someone else out there has a secret give away. Carlos is growing a little tired of it!!

Cooking With Bear...

Ok so technically it wasn't cooking it was mixing. But we put it into the oven... so maybe it's baking...
Bear has been at me for ages to make a cake. Which to him means getting a heap of random ingredients and mixing them in a bowl. So we did and be warned it was all Bear directed. He added the ingredients I merely assisted when adult help was needed. Because sometimes it's the process not the product that is important.

So these are our basic ingredients all chosen by Bear.

Elephants poo (100's and 1000's) and Sultana's are first to go in.

Then he peels 3 banana's.

Funny man accidently puts the skin in the bowl and not the bin. Then continues to do so because it's funny!!

Do we mash or stir??!! Try both we say!!

Time to taste test...

That's a lot of milk...

Ah yes the flour. That's important...

Oranges. Now I would have used the juicer and helped here but he insisted on hand squeezing them. Then he ripped out the orange chunks and put them in too.

Give it a small... he also added cinnamon. So far so good...

Time to lick the spoon (again). Always the best bit!! I got the bowl hehe.

The Result!!

One very self impressed boy!!

Bear and I would like to dedicate this post to Brenda who inspired us to try another art form. The art of cooking.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Enviro Central Over And Out...

The last and final touches to the Enviro Central shirts have been done. They have been taken away. I have an empty space in my heart now so I must do lots of crafty things to fill it up again!!

Swing tags we made using the paper we recycle.

The blurb on the reverse side of the swing tags.

All 3 designs are ready to go!!
I am so glad I know how to fold shirts...

Remember if you would like to purchase one you need to head over to Enviro Central. Or you can catch the Enviro Central team at the up and coming Camden Produce Markets.
For your chance to win one of the Turtle Shirts click here for details.