Sunday, August 9, 2009

What A Great Week End


My Mum came over with lots of little goodies. She was after some buttons to sew onto some baby jumpers she had knitted and I have a few buttons lying around. There was just one thing that was really bugging her.

My Cotton Jar.

Her wrist is bigger than mine and her hand didn't fit into my jar. So she said that she actually made our Mum (remember I was raised by her parents) a cotton holder out of nails and wood when she was really young. That gave us both an instant idea. Together we made a no sew cotton holder from items I had stashed around the house.

Mums hand just didn't quite fit.
I have to say this project is really daggy and silly but it was the process that was special. It's not often Mum and I get to work together on projects and no matter how big or small they are I love what ever it is we do together. It's kind of our way of making up for lost time when we were younger. Don't you think Mum?! If I am going op shopping she is the first person I call. If a project doesn't work out I call her. HEY...Mum you have to teach me to crochet!!! I have wanted to for ever. I think crocheting will be our next project!! YAY...

Wonderful finished product.
Mum and I understand each other through craft and creating. It is definitely an experience that brings us closer together. We used the polystyrene and skewers from the Better Than Flowers bouquet arrangement. We covered the polystyrene in terry towel using a hot glue gun to seal it then covered it again with scrap fabric. Then Mum pushed all the skewers in.

We actually put ribbon on the back hoping to hang it but as Mum stated we are not engineers and the structure tilts forwards when hung. So we used double sided tape and just stuck it to the wall...YAY. It is still there MUM!! hehe

Mum also bought over these massive granny squares which she crocheted using video tape. She bought them over to get some ideas on how to turn them into a bag. I thought of incorporating another craft medium like denim fabric... or purple corduroy hehe.

I also received a box of remnant fabrics and off cuts from Emily over at The Handmade Experiment for entering my scrappy quilt in a comp here. The package is just a wonderful treasure box of yummy scraps. Much like a chest of gold coins is to a pirate.
Can you find Bubble?

Friday afternoon my cousin Claire came round for a sleep over and my Aunty sent along a lovely homemade hamper which included their very own vegie patch grown broccoli which Moo and Bear love to eat. We call them Dinosaur Tree's. The fair trade coffee is super smooth and I just feel better drinking it!! I usually drink Toby's Estate as it's fair trade and it's on the corner. I like to think my choices in life help other people in their lives. I can't solve the worlds problems but I can avoid adding to them in some ways.

Cousin Claire is also a creative person. I try to show her all the things that are possible but I think she often thinks things are too hard. So I took her back to basics and suggested she make a softie. I think she has done a wonderful job on her first project and I hope it has opened her eyes to the endless possibilities out there. Meanwhile she left her creation behind so I will be sending it to her with the chosen buttons for her to complete.
Claire I am super proud of you girl and thank you for not breaking my sewing machine.


So as you can see Friday was a full on day of creativeness!!
Carlos has also started a new project which is taking off faster then we anticipated. Once things settle down I will let you know what it's all about. He is the muso in the family so it falls in line with his love for music. It's so awesome to be able to work from home with the kids and to be able to follow our creative hearts desires... I personally recommend it!!


  1. That video tape crochet is too cool. I can' believe you fitted all that creativity into one day. That's a whole week for me.

    My favourite thing in this entire post though has to be calling broccoli dinousaur trees. Genius, genius, genius.

  2. you were seriously busy over the weekend! i love the video tape crochet, it would be great lined with something study, what a great statement. i am jealous of your box of remnants, how delicious, that would have made my day!!

  3. I wish I had more people around me to be creative with!! I guess I need to "get out there" and meet more local crafters! LOVE the thread rack. My honey made me one using scrap wood and dowels! I need another one...darn those 50% off sales!! :D xo

  4. I was tired just reading all that you did in one day LOL!

  5. I FORGOT ITTTTTTTT! silly me
    but ily steph!
    cant wait to come over again ASAP! maybe ill break it next time... JOKES!!!;)

  6. Very cool... and I love your shelves... and envy all your storage!!!