Friday, August 21, 2009

Stitches And Craft Show Sydney...

What a freakin awesome day Moo and I had at the Stitches and Craft Show in Sydney.
I took Bubble and my Mum along as well. Mum more so as an extra pair of hands and eyes. She was ok with that so long as I bought the coffee hey Mum?!! Hehe

I caught up with Claire from Craft Schmaft. I road tested her Sock Monster pattern. I also made her a Happy Scrappy Brooch because she did so much to ready for the show and being a fellow Bizness Babe I wanted to show my support!! Woohoo Girl!!

I managed to make a little butterfly bookmark at one of the craft bars. It was a great opportunity to sit relax and do some hand sewing which as you know I don't often get a chance to do. This is Sandy my newest crafty friend. "Hi Sandy..." Sandy and I just hit it off and started talking craftiness and different methods. Plus she somehow knew I would choose the black ribbon over the white. If I ever make it down the south coast I will be stopping my her craft shop for sure.

Moo and I visited the re-construction zone where they had everything you needed to re-fashion new items from scraps of fabric. They had sewing machines set up. But I opted for more hand sewing and made myself a scrappy belt using a belt loop, strip of apple print fabric, purple fabric and 2 very green buttons. The red button is a Burdastyle badge hehe.

But the one who stole the show and continues to amazes me is my Moo.

Moo making a scrappy scarf using squares of scraps in the re-construction zone. She straight stitched the tops together. (Excuse the blister on her lip it's in the middle of healing but on a good note her tooth is all fixed and she is all smiles again!!!)

At the Sublime Stitching bar Moo shocked me by sitting down for 45mins embroidering 2 thunder bolts. She has never shown such intense interest in a project like this. Do you think it's the hand sewing that gives that sense of real satisfaction? She now knows how to back stitch... woohoo...

Moo went back to the craft bar and Sandy helped her make a bag.
More hand sewing.

On completion we realised that the black ribbon was sewn in the wrong spot. We sewed another ribbon on at the top. Her failure was her success!!

Scrappy scarf in action.

So in conclusion I think Moo got more out of the day than I did which is fine and dandy by me.
Lucky I bought a 2 day pass!!


  1. The talent just runs in the family!! I see a future Fashion Designer of repurposed fabric who will single-handedly (well, with help from her super supportive family, of course!) turn the Future Fashion world around, ultimately saving the PLANET!!! GO MOO! :D

  2. what a great day had, i adore hand sewing and i think it's a great skill for kids to learn, it really helps to calm me down and staying focused is good for you. Moo is just taking after her mummy for sure!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic day! Good job, Moo!

  4. How amazing is she?!
    Love you Moo!

  5. Oh Steph, what a great experience for you and Moo to have together. She is a lukcy girl but you are too! xx

  6. aww im so glad you guys had a great day there, go moo
    love youxx

  7. Hi Steph and Moo! Thanks for the pic and link to my blog.....I had such an exciting, thrilling and exhausting feww days at the show but the highlight was you and the munchkins! Such cute kids!!