Sunday, August 2, 2009

Milkooler's All Round

At the Connect2Mums Sydney meet up I got to meet a Alan the man behind the brand Milkooler. Even better Bubble got to road test his bottle cooler/warmer because either way you like your milk the Milkooler will keep it at the perfect temperature. They come in 3 different styles.
Or if you are like me and can't choose which one you like the best you can choose the Mighty Meal Deal and purchase all three.

So if your looking for a fun gift for a Dad (or Mum) maybe the Milkooler is for you. Each Milkooler comes with a new, large AVENT bottle, teet and cap.
Check out Bubbles very own testimonial here.

I gave one of these as a gift a my friend Marla Girl because I knew she used Avent and I knew her husband would get a giggle out of it too. Congrats to you both on the arrival of Lil Indi..

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