Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Little Sock Monster Pattern.

Oh I love sock toys and I was lucky enough to help Claire from Craft Schmaft test out her Little Sock Monster Pattern. He's not half bad is he!! I heard an awful noise coming from out side and discovered him stuck in the chandelier screaming his little heart out for help.

I am so excited for Claire as she will be at The Stitchs And Craft Show in Sydney this month showing us how to make this little guy!!! Awesome..

This sock monster is great as it only uses one sock which gives you even more reasons to hold on to those add socks which your hoping will find it's pair or re use the holy ones... Oh I do love recycling... I also hand sewed him as I was in need of some sewing for my soul.

This Sock Monster isn't quite finished. According to Bear he needs nipples. I did try to reason with him but he feels very strongly about the nipples so I'll be adding them later.


  1. Hilarious. I made him too - such a great project. Mine's a little less lairy though!

  2. Why would you try and reason with him Steph? Doesn't every monster have nipples?

    (thanks for making me laugh!)

  3. What a complete oversight on my part not to have included nipples on the pattern. Have made a note of it. Gorgeous Steph, I love him!