Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... to see what else is in my container of "To Do's"

I pulled out the big 30L container because I had to find my embroidery thread which I use to make friendship bands with. Now that Moo has learnt to embroider I have to also buy a hoop. I am hoping one pops up at the treasure shop.

So the friendship bands...you know the ones which you knot and give to your friends hehe. I learnt how to make them when I was 5 years old at Girls Brigade and over the years perfected the art. So it's a thing with my kids that they all have a band to wear. But as they have worn off over the years I haven't replaced them. Carlos' have because he feels very strange without it on his wrist. So now that I have found the container everyone can have their own again. Even Bubble...

I wonder who is going to choose which bands... hmmm

As for the rest of my stash i can see photo slides, jewelry pieces, squares cut for a quilt, wooden pegs, cross stitch, ring pulls and that's just what's floating on top... hehe.

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  1. I remember making those in high school. How cool that the kiddies are making them again!

  2. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane Steph!

  3. that is so cool, I shy away from stuff like that coz it looks too hard! your kids are lucky.

  4. Would you believe I know how to make these? Yes me, the one who totally doesn't get knitting, sewing or any form of arts & crafts LOL!

  5. I made those when I was a girl...but NEVER as beautifully detailed as yours!! :)