Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... to tell you about our latest treasure shop finds and show off our selection of shoes.

On Saturday cousin Claire, Bear (hehe) Moo, Bubble and lil ol' me went treasure hunting and we came home with a selection of items for everyone. Often someone misses out because it's really hit and miss but not this time. I bought 4kgs of clothes for $24. Carlos loves his T-shirts and I managed to pick him up a Transformers shirt and a Pac Man shirt. Moo got a black party dress with pink spots. Bear now has a Ben Ten T-shirt which he has worn since we left the treasure shop on Saturday. He insists "...it not dirty!!"
BUT WAIT... I finally managed to pick up the perfect pair of boots for moi. Along with a jacket, a couple of T-shirts and a pair of Levi's.

My new boots. Tried and tested today when I took Moo to the dentist. These are the first pair of heels I have worn out in years... with 3 children it's just not a sensible choice for me as I crave comfort. Jeans ,cons and t-shirt girl that's me!! Plus they were only $3 woohoo

So I thought I would share some of our shoes with you!! How funny am I ... So these are my fav shoes ever which I wear every day. I bought them new from the treasure shop for $6 I was after a pink or purple pair but I am not about to be picky. They are nearly on their way out and I am not looking forward to the day at all. Moo is out with Carlos purchasing Guitar Hero World Tour Band Pack with her "got any blacker?" cons. She also had a pair of purple ankle high cons which I made her wear everyday because I loved them so much... they were $1 new.

Vans anyone? My 2nds fav pair of shoes are my pink suede Vans which I bought new from the treasure shop for $8. I wear these when we are running late for school and I don't have time to tie up my laces on my cons haha. The checked ones I bought for Bear for $2.50 new but they are still too big. Hurry up Bear...

Like Daddy like daughter... Carlos' Dunlope KT26 (new from Kmart) and Bubbles KT26 from treasure shop. I think these are hilarious...

Now these are my "only wear to impress" shoes. Carlos bought these for me when he use to work for the salvo's years ago. They are truly awesome and very old school. I wonder which of my children will be privilege to wear to wear them first?

This is obvious... DC Comics 1989... I was 8 years old hehe...

Finally this is my new fluffy jacket from the treasure shop. Nothing feels warmer than a jacket with a fluffy hood.

I hope you all understand me a little better knowing what shoes I wear and look out for... hehe.

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  1. Great post! I go through cycles. Sometimes I love shoes and sometimes I don't like them at all.

  2. LOVE the Vans!! The boots are cool, but I don't like pointy shoes, they just look so uncomfortable...I'm more of a squared-toe kinda girl! I think the father/daughter tennies are SO SWEET!! You find the best deals!! xo