Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need your help... New Purse Time

So it's time for me to find a new purse to put all my goodies in. I am very particular when it comes to purses and this is even more so than usual as it needs to function to my specifications...

I thought I should add some random photos as my blog doesn't feel right without something visually appealing

(this is my jar of tape measures)

I have been known to duck out of the house without any children. I know shock horror. It still amazes me how many people stop me and want to know where all my children are. Not to see how I am but the children. Like I have left them all at home alone and have just gone batty...

(My favourite photo of shoes taken by moi... Oh the life they had!!)

So I am putting the call out for a purse with:
A sturdy wrist strap
2 zipper compartments
(for phone, keys, money, asthma puffer, bank cards, hair pins, elastics, buttons rocks lol anything little really)
A clear pocket somewhere would be nice but not essential
I would love if it was made from recycled fabrics but not essential
...HANDMADE.. of course.
I have been looking on Madeit and am hoping to look on ESTY tonight.

(I had a T-shirt and made each their own beanie plus one extra for Bear's friend Otchi)

But as I support handmade and crafters I thought in this big world of bloggers and friends someone will know someone who may know someone who could make/has made my perfect purse... or has stumbled across one in their travels. If that's you... leave a comment below because I owe you a coffee!!! YAY...


  1. Are you....
    - too busy
    - too excited
    - need it now
    - can't be bothered
    to make one yourself Steph?

    PS. All above reasons are very legitimate!

  2. Check out Lyssy May. I have just blogged about her. Her peacock bags & purses are hand-printed and hand-made from hemp/organic cotton so at least they are eco.

  3. When you find them let me know....the design sound divine!! :) I love the beanies!! xo

  4. We may have come across an idea for what to do with your beautiful ties Steph! Lets talk on Sunday and you can explain it all further...... and I will be cashing in on the coffee, by the way!