Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know we make our own business cards and paper?
We do...

Now that it's warming up again and the sun is returning to our back yard, we'll be able to make more paper which Moo and Bear love helping with. We have a big collection of ripped up paper ranging from junk mail to past homework and everything in between.
We soak the ripped up paper usually over night. Then we turn it to pulp using a blender. Then on a hot day we dilute the pulp in water which looks like the image below.

We all love this image as it looks like a satellite image of Earth taken from space. We think it resembles the eye of a storm... what do you think?

Then we use our wonderful paper making kit to make paper. We have 2 kits so the kids can use their own goodness knows it's hard enough to share. One kit we actually bought 2nd hand and it also makes envelopes. The other is the one I used to make paper with my Aunty when I was Moo's age. I had an absolute ball making my own paper and making cards for friends and family. We'll be making Christmas cards this year too!!

Moo and Bear end up all wet and covered from head to toe in paper pulp which when dry, is all flaky and you can scratch it off your skin... ewe!!!

So we empty the unused pulp and freeze it so Bear can have a wash.

If the day is hot and dry our paper dries in about an hour and is ready to use.

These are our business cards before I cut them down.
Everyone in the MooBear Family has a hand in making our business cards.
Every card is unique and different just like our MooBear Designs range!! YAY...


  1. just beautiful Stephanie, inspirational!

  2. I used to make paper when I was a teenager. I think I even still have the supplies in the shed. I used to collect all of the christmas wrapping paper - then separate it into colours and make different coloured pulps. It was so much fun - you may even tempt me into having another go!

  3. Steph you are an inspiraton to greenies everywhere, they're gorgeous. I hven't made paper since I was in uni. Might have to see if that kit is still up at mums place.

  4. You guys are so awesome for so many reasons.... environmentally, creatively, inspiringly... but mostly for the way you do stuff together. Your paper is amazing Steph.

  5. Ohhhh, sweet paper making. Can you give us all a fully blown tut? Do you need a kit?
    Ally <'v'>