Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Week Parade 2009

Argh yes the yearly book week parade crept up on us again!!
Moo decided to go with Carlos' idea and be a fairy from the Magic Rainbow Fairy Series. Lucky she was reading Melodie and we were able to add the appropriate decorations to her $6 fairy dress from the op shop!!

Book of choice...

Lucky I had a stash of Music Notes from an earlier MooBear Order. I sewed the music note onto card board then Moo added the bead. I like the attention to detail. Plaited her hair and rummage through her headbands and found her pink sparkly one... PERFECT!!

Butterfly beads on the ends of the ribbon for a little more fun...

Walk up to school... I wonder how we'll go when all 3 want to hold Daddy's hand...

The finished product. A little hot glue gun action, some card board and music notes make for a very Melodie feeling fairy dress!! She was super happy. She also has the arm bands to match.

This is my favourite fairy wand ever. We are all ready to leave for school when Moo realises she doesn't have a wand. We franticly search the house with no result. I look at the book. There is NO STAR... Just a stick with glitter...
I see my knitting needle, end of the sock I used to make her arm bands and the left over pink ribbon from her necklace.
I think it was genius personally and so did Moo!

Maybe Claire from Craft Schmaft could work off my wonderful idea and create a new sock kit for a fairy wand... Go on Claire I dare you too!!! hehe

I thought I would throw in a photo of Bubbles new friendship band. The colours suit her and she loves flicker her wrist around to show people!!


  1. Isn't AWESOME to be a crafty momma? I get a warm feeling when I am able to come up with a last minute (NEEDED) idea and actually have the STUFF on hand to DO it!! Way to go Steph!

    And as a GOT THREE myself some thoughts, the lap ALWAYS expands, and sometimes big sister/ big brother's hand is just as good as Daddy's. Sometimes! :)

  2. Best wand EVER! Pure Genius Steph and Moo. Actually I think a fairy sock toy is in order. Stay tuned.

  3. Moo you look great, love the outfit! And I've always said you are a clever girl....just like your mother :)

  4. I want to be just like you when my kids grow up Steph! Moo's costume is perfect. You did an amazing job. And even though I'm sure Moo thinks you're awesome, until she is all grown up and a mumma herself, she just wont realise how much. This stuff - the costume, the attention to detail, the last minute wand - that's the important stuff. xxx