Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better Than Flowers Delivery

If anyone was going to come around yesterday was the day. But not just anyone came around. Brenda Girl from I'm Hungry Too came past with her son (who is also one of our MooBear Models) to chat, play with Bear and generally catch up. Brenda and I have been booking each Tuesday for over a month and every time something came up or someone was sick or goodness knows what else. So I was super happy she came round and Brenda I apologise if I didn't take a breath between my words but I had to get it all out.

So Brenda was here and a parcel arrived just for me YAY!! I opened it to find the prize I had won for sharing my Birth Story on Connect 2 Mums. A lovely Better Than Flowers Fair Trade Chocolate bouquet. Woot Woot...

So me being the lovely friend that I am shared some with the boys and Brenda. We agree that they are certainly the best guilt free chocolates we have ever eaten.

I had to take photos of the work that went into creating this beautiful bouquet. Each chocolate was individually attached to a stem, gift wrapped using paper and twine with an added realistic leave. Nothing is being thrown out as Moo has some ideas floating around for using everything... She makes me laugh with some of her crazy ideas.

Better Than Flowers donates $5 to Muscular Dystrophy Australia with every bouquet sold. A funky bookmark outlining these details came with my bouquet to help spread the word.
These are definitely better than real flowers and a great gift for many many occasions...


  1. yum
    love dark chocolate:)
    thank you for the comments:)
    much love,

  2. Awww thanks for putting my blog up : )
    OMG you know I was just about to do the same on mine....stay tuned ; )

  3. Oh wow I just LOVE those hampers!

  4. Wow what a great prize, it also looks excellent as well as soo good I imagine!

  5. how gorgeous, i would prefer that to flowers for sure. you are so lucky!!