Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing Up Green...

We are excited to be featured on the blog Growing Up Green.
They have some fabulous things to say about MooBear... and so they should coz we rock!!
Check out what they had to say here.

While you're having a peek check out these dinosaurs which funnily enough is their logo image. Bear saw these and you can imagine his reaction. I hope he grows out of squealing like a little girl by the time he is 23 years old.

And if you haven't heard of the Australian label Babyjo head over here and see what Growing Up Green had to say.
I also love the idea of these eco arm bands made from recycled rubber.

Plus I also found this awesome tutorial for a recycled milk carton truck. I was thinking of Nikki who has been confined inside due to rainy weather, with her twins. I have to back to this blog and see what other wonderful things I can find!!

Good Night My Darlings...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Harry's Desk Photo Shoot...

It was so much fun helping out Ally with her photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. I thought I would share some of the photo from the day... All of Ally's creations incorporate men's neck ties. Truly wearable art!! Ally has also taken on the challenge of making me my new purse to my specifications... I am so excited...

Loving the purple(of course). Purple, Navy and white Mackay.

Me with a red rolled tie and zipper brooch.

"Duck Duck Goose" skirt and t-shirt.

Bubble in green elephant t-shirt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Week Parade 2009

Argh yes the yearly book week parade crept up on us again!!
Moo decided to go with Carlos' idea and be a fairy from the Magic Rainbow Fairy Series. Lucky she was reading Melodie and we were able to add the appropriate decorations to her $6 fairy dress from the op shop!!

Book of choice...

Lucky I had a stash of Music Notes from an earlier MooBear Order. I sewed the music note onto card board then Moo added the bead. I like the attention to detail. Plaited her hair and rummage through her headbands and found her pink sparkly one... PERFECT!!

Butterfly beads on the ends of the ribbon for a little more fun...

Walk up to school... I wonder how we'll go when all 3 want to hold Daddy's hand...

The finished product. A little hot glue gun action, some card board and music notes make for a very Melodie feeling fairy dress!! She was super happy. She also has the arm bands to match.

This is my favourite fairy wand ever. We are all ready to leave for school when Moo realises she doesn't have a wand. We franticly search the house with no result. I look at the book. There is NO STAR... Just a stick with glitter...
I see my knitting needle, end of the sock I used to make her arm bands and the left over pink ribbon from her necklace.
I think it was genius personally and so did Moo!

Maybe Claire from Craft Schmaft could work off my wonderful idea and create a new sock kit for a fairy wand... Go on Claire I dare you too!!! hehe

I thought I would throw in a photo of Bubbles new friendship band. The colours suit her and she loves flicker her wrist around to show people!!

Stenciling Done... Enviro Central Here We Come!!

The project for Enviro Central is nearly done. It's so exciting *clapping hands*.
The weather is so unbelievably nice that I went back out side and finished the stencil which I was doing yesterday! Only this time Carlos set up a few extra things for me.

A cup of coffee!!

And the iPod sound dock with HIS iPod. He choose Foo Fighter's and I had a very predictive time... well in between singing Monkey Wrench and bouncing around in my chair... hehe.

The finished product is hand cut, hand printed Enviro Central logos!! But what they are going on you'll have to wait a little bit longer. Oh and a little smile because that's how I was feeling. ...HAPPY...
While I was singing (not well either) Carlos was in his studio trying very hard to work on his own music. He came outside and whispered in my ear "I just fell in love with you again Stephanie!" That's my man... my lighthouse.

Etched In Memories...

I have to share something very special with you!!

Back when I first started Bizness Babes I was due to give birth right? I think there was an in stand connect with most of the group because of this plus the girls were excited, maybe even scared that I would give birth in a workshop. Maybe I shouldn't have told them I gave birth to Bear at home in our bathroom and that Carlos 'caught' Bear on the way out before the ambo's arrived... hehe.

But that's not what this is about. Those beautiful woman presented me with a the most special, heartfelt gift I received after Bubble as born. Carolyn from Etched In Memories had access to a gallery of photos Carlos set up so family and friends could see our newest family member.

She and all the Bizness Babes surprised me with this beautiful pendent.

Carolyn managed to fit all 5... yes 5 of us from different photos (coz let's face it we weren't going to be able to take the perfect photo on the exact day) and etched them onto a pendent. I cried when I received it as I honestly wasn't expecting anything. I had only spent a short amount of time with these woman but they had also shared part of my journey as a Mum and a business woman. Check out the photo's she used here.

Carolyn also has a blog and is looking for guest writers to submit their favourite Memories. I will be trying to choose a memory to share with her... Maybe the day Bear was born.

All you need to do is write a small recollection of one of your memories and send it in, along with a photo although you don't have to. The best 2 each month will be published and will win a $20 voucher to spend in store!!

So head over to her blog and check it out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Creative Space...

Well my creative space follows on from last week. Only this time I have moved outside into the natural light to hand cut the words "enviro central" from a stencil. It's so nice working outside. You can hear so many things. Birds, motors humming, people talking a street away, thumping of music as a car drives by... I tend to just listen to the birds personally.

Our back yard also needs a creative make over but for now it's on hold. I can't wait for my frangipani tree to flower... hoping this year!!

Next week our project with Enviro Central will be completed and I will be able to show off the designs we have been working on!! Woohoo...

Thanks Kirsty for letting me share my creative space. Head over to Kootoyoo for more spaces to inspire your mind!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who's Hot 5 Minute Interview...

I, the Creative Director of MooBear Designs was lucky enough to be interviewed by the gorgeous Zoe Yelds from Locate My Hairdresser for the Who's Hot? section of her website.

Click here to read the interview.

I, the Creative Direct with Moo, the Head Designer.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... to see what else is in my container of "To Do's"

I pulled out the big 30L container because I had to find my embroidery thread which I use to make friendship bands with. Now that Moo has learnt to embroider I have to also buy a hoop. I am hoping one pops up at the treasure shop.

So the friendship know the ones which you knot and give to your friends hehe. I learnt how to make them when I was 5 years old at Girls Brigade and over the years perfected the art. So it's a thing with my kids that they all have a band to wear. But as they have worn off over the years I haven't replaced them. Carlos' have because he feels very strange without it on his wrist. So now that I have found the container everyone can have their own again. Even Bubble...

I wonder who is going to choose which bands... hmmm

As for the rest of my stash i can see photo slides, jewelry pieces, squares cut for a quilt, wooden pegs, cross stitch, ring pulls and that's just what's floating on top... hehe.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sale Ends Soon...

Hey guys just a quick reminder that our 20% off Big Kids Tee Sale is about to end in a few days. So right now is the time to get a great deal for the warmer days ahead.

Moo's Tree Hugger was$40 NOW $32

Moo's Flowers was $40 NOW $32

Moo's Rocket was $40 NOW $32

Bubble Factory was $50 NOW $40

Moo's Earth was $50 NOW $40

Bear's Rar! was $50 NOW $40

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Voting Is Now Open For The AusMumpreneurs Awards...

So you have seen the badges on the left of my blog right?! Well public voting is now open to YOU!! Check out the Connect 2 Mums AusMumpreneur Awards and show your support by voting. It's FREE it's sign up and the community there are extremely supportive of each other.

VOTE for your favourite site/blog and you could win a 'Sesame Street Pavement Cycle' valued at $49.99! OR one of 5 "Sesame Street Rompers" valued at $24.95

VOTING closes on the 27th August ( I know not much time but we have been so so busy!!) So if you think MooBear Designs deserves YOUR VOTE click HERE. There are so many wonderful site and blogs up for so many awards so make sure you pay them a visit too!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Stitches And Craft Show Sydney...

What a freakin awesome day Moo and I had at the Stitches and Craft Show in Sydney.
I took Bubble and my Mum along as well. Mum more so as an extra pair of hands and eyes. She was ok with that so long as I bought the coffee hey Mum?!! Hehe

I caught up with Claire from Craft Schmaft. I road tested her Sock Monster pattern. I also made her a Happy Scrappy Brooch because she did so much to ready for the show and being a fellow Bizness Babe I wanted to show my support!! Woohoo Girl!!

I managed to make a little butterfly bookmark at one of the craft bars. It was a great opportunity to sit relax and do some hand sewing which as you know I don't often get a chance to do. This is Sandy my newest crafty friend. "Hi Sandy..." Sandy and I just hit it off and started talking craftiness and different methods. Plus she somehow knew I would choose the black ribbon over the white. If I ever make it down the south coast I will be stopping my her craft shop for sure.

Moo and I visited the re-construction zone where they had everything you needed to re-fashion new items from scraps of fabric. They had sewing machines set up. But I opted for more hand sewing and made myself a scrappy belt using a belt loop, strip of apple print fabric, purple fabric and 2 very green buttons. The red button is a Burdastyle badge hehe.

But the one who stole the show and continues to amazes me is my Moo.

Moo making a scrappy scarf using squares of scraps in the re-construction zone. She straight stitched the tops together. (Excuse the blister on her lip it's in the middle of healing but on a good note her tooth is all fixed and she is all smiles again!!!)

At the Sublime Stitching bar Moo shocked me by sitting down for 45mins embroidering 2 thunder bolts. She has never shown such intense interest in a project like this. Do you think it's the hand sewing that gives that sense of real satisfaction? She now knows how to back stitch... woohoo...

Moo went back to the craft bar and Sandy helped her make a bag.
More hand sewing.

On completion we realised that the black ribbon was sewn in the wrong spot. We sewed another ribbon on at the top. Her failure was her success!!

Scrappy scarf in action.

So in conclusion I think Moo got more out of the day than I did which is fine and dandy by me.
Lucky I bought a 2 day pass!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Creative Space...

After reading My Black Cardigan, Curly Pops, Histoire De Soie, Clutterpunk and Myrtle and Eunice creative spaces I decided to head of to Kootoyoo and join in the fun.

So we have a large creative space but it often moves around the house and outside. At the moment my sewing table has a Bubble Factory sitting patiently ready to have some bubbles sewn on. While on the larger work table there is another design project underway for Enviro Central. MooBear Designs is teaming up with Enviro Central to bring you some fun new designs. Stay tuned...

Silk screening, shirts, sample colours, paints and templates... I can't wait to share the final product with you.

Head over to Kootoyoo for more inspiring, messy and truly wonderful spaces!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know we make our own business cards and paper?
We do...

Now that it's warming up again and the sun is returning to our back yard, we'll be able to make more paper which Moo and Bear love helping with. We have a big collection of ripped up paper ranging from junk mail to past homework and everything in between.
We soak the ripped up paper usually over night. Then we turn it to pulp using a blender. Then on a hot day we dilute the pulp in water which looks like the image below.

We all love this image as it looks like a satellite image of Earth taken from space. We think it resembles the eye of a storm... what do you think?

Then we use our wonderful paper making kit to make paper. We have 2 kits so the kids can use their own goodness knows it's hard enough to share. One kit we actually bought 2nd hand and it also makes envelopes. The other is the one I used to make paper with my Aunty when I was Moo's age. I had an absolute ball making my own paper and making cards for friends and family. We'll be making Christmas cards this year too!!

Moo and Bear end up all wet and covered from head to toe in paper pulp which when dry, is all flaky and you can scratch it off your skin... ewe!!!

So we empty the unused pulp and freeze it so Bear can have a wash.

If the day is hot and dry our paper dries in about an hour and is ready to use.

These are our business cards before I cut them down.
Everyone in the MooBear Family has a hand in making our business cards.
Every card is unique and different just like our MooBear Designs range!! YAY...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It Is Hard Being An Artist...

I love it...

Today I was hanging out here with my friend Ally. This is the woman who make wonderful reclaimed neck tie works of art... I am also hoping she will make me my perfect purse to my specifications... Ally rocks girls!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I need your help... New Purse Time

So it's time for me to find a new purse to put all my goodies in. I am very particular when it comes to purses and this is even more so than usual as it needs to function to my specifications...

I thought I should add some random photos as my blog doesn't feel right without something visually appealing

(this is my jar of tape measures)

I have been known to duck out of the house without any children. I know shock horror. It still amazes me how many people stop me and want to know where all my children are. Not to see how I am but the children. Like I have left them all at home alone and have just gone batty...

(My favourite photo of shoes taken by moi... Oh the life they had!!)

So I am putting the call out for a purse with:
A sturdy wrist strap
2 zipper compartments
(for phone, keys, money, asthma puffer, bank cards, hair pins, elastics, buttons rocks lol anything little really)
A clear pocket somewhere would be nice but not essential
I would love if it was made from recycled fabrics but not essential
...HANDMADE.. of course.
I have been looking on Madeit and am hoping to look on ESTY tonight.

(I had a T-shirt and made each their own beanie plus one extra for Bear's friend Otchi)

But as I support handmade and crafters I thought in this big world of bloggers and friends someone will know someone who may know someone who could make/has made my perfect purse... or has stumbled across one in their travels. If that's you... leave a comment below because I owe you a coffee!!! YAY...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gotta See It To Believe It.

My heart is singing with creative, recycled, functional genius. I called past one of my frequently visited blogs over at Curly Pops and discovered a trail which lead me to Missie Krissie's blog.

Check out what this extremely awesome woman made!!

Can you tell what it is?
Are you a little stumped?
It's a Recycled Jewelry Tree!!
I love it. It's so totally me!

So head over to Missie Krissie's blog and check out her wonderful giveaway for this wonderful, recycled, functional, creative pieces of art...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... to tell you about our latest treasure shop finds and show off our selection of shoes.

On Saturday cousin Claire, Bear (hehe) Moo, Bubble and lil ol' me went treasure hunting and we came home with a selection of items for everyone. Often someone misses out because it's really hit and miss but not this time. I bought 4kgs of clothes for $24. Carlos loves his T-shirts and I managed to pick him up a Transformers shirt and a Pac Man shirt. Moo got a black party dress with pink spots. Bear now has a Ben Ten T-shirt which he has worn since we left the treasure shop on Saturday. He insists " not dirty!!"
BUT WAIT... I finally managed to pick up the perfect pair of boots for moi. Along with a jacket, a couple of T-shirts and a pair of Levi's.

My new boots. Tried and tested today when I took Moo to the dentist. These are the first pair of heels I have worn out in years... with 3 children it's just not a sensible choice for me as I crave comfort. Jeans ,cons and t-shirt girl that's me!! Plus they were only $3 woohoo

So I thought I would share some of our shoes with you!! How funny am I ... So these are my fav shoes ever which I wear every day. I bought them new from the treasure shop for $6 I was after a pink or purple pair but I am not about to be picky. They are nearly on their way out and I am not looking forward to the day at all. Moo is out with Carlos purchasing Guitar Hero World Tour Band Pack with her "got any blacker?" cons. She also had a pair of purple ankle high cons which I made her wear everyday because I loved them so much... they were $1 new.

Vans anyone? My 2nds fav pair of shoes are my pink suede Vans which I bought new from the treasure shop for $8. I wear these when we are running late for school and I don't have time to tie up my laces on my cons haha. The checked ones I bought for Bear for $2.50 new but they are still too big. Hurry up Bear...

Like Daddy like daughter... Carlos' Dunlope KT26 (new from Kmart) and Bubbles KT26 from treasure shop. I think these are hilarious...

Now these are my "only wear to impress" shoes. Carlos bought these for me when he use to work for the salvo's years ago. They are truly awesome and very old school. I wonder which of my children will be privilege to wear to wear them first?

This is obvious... DC Comics 1989... I was 8 years old hehe...

Finally this is my new fluffy jacket from the treasure shop. Nothing feels warmer than a jacket with a fluffy hood.

I hope you all understand me a little better knowing what shoes I wear and look out for... hehe.

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