Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Speed Networking With Bizness Babes Group 6...

How much do I love Bizness Babes? So So So MUCH!

Yesterday I got to meet Group 6 for some speed networking and boy they are a lively group. They were fantastic and have some fabulous ideas... which you'll just have to wait and see. It is always a pleasure to see Aunty Chrissy and once again if it weren't for her MooBear wouldn't really be where it is today. So After meeting with around 15 wonderful woman I thought I should share my own graduation photos from 1st Dec 2008 with you...

Bear and I with my official graduation certificate... He came with me everyday to the 11 work shops... well actually 10 as I was giving birth to Bubble on one...hehe.

Me and all of graduating group 4. Check out some of the businesses these woman have started!!
Pei-Shan Ash N Juls
Filomina Studio Alessia

Carlos and Bubble in her hand stitched Moo's Flowers design 9wks old.

And of course our own very special graduation cake made by Asunta one of the graduating Babes.


  1. sounds like absolute fun! Can't believe Bear attended the workshops aswell & didn't start writing on boards or singing out loud...ooops, sorry, thought it was my kids :)

  2. I love how your kids are so involved in every aspect of your business! It's really inspiring, I'm sure they're learning so much from you!

  3. It's not a surprise that you love Bizness Babes so much. It is linked to such important parts of your life.... that weekly time with Bear, your new business and the arrival of Bubbles. And I'm sure Moo and Carlos were mixed in there somewhere too!