Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sew they have arrived...MooBear Bodysuits, Tee's and a new Rar!!

Our organic bodysuits have arrived along with our baby tees. We have been busy designing, sewing, photographing and updating MooBear Designs shop. Bubble was our model of course. She really hasn't been well at all but she is a team player and hung in there!

Moo's Flowers is now available in a white organic bodysuit.

Moo's Rocket is now available in a white organic bodysuit.

Bear just loves his Rars! He insisted that Bubble had her own Rar! shirt so we are excited to introduce our newest design inspired by Bear...

Bubble's Rar!

Bubbles Green Rar! on Light Blue T-shirt.

Bubbles Purple Rar! Available on Pink T-shirt

Bubbles Green Rar! in a white organic bodysuit.

Bubbles Purple Rar! in a white organic bodysuit.

All these new items are now available at our online shop so stop by and see what else is available.

I will let you know the full story behind Bubble's Rar! shortly.

I must also thank Sandra from Pure Earth Noosa for the baby jeans Bubble is wearing and Jess Girl in America for the wonderful handmade felt clips!


  1. Look at Bubble the superCUTE model! She is doing an awesome job making those onesies the CUTEST of the cute!!

  2. BubBles is really becoming a little Diva ;) heee hee! Love the Rar shirts and the Body suits look fantastic!!

  3. Always lovely to have such an adorable bodysuit, well done! xo

  4. Even though I love the new onesies and tees, I want to buy Bubbles! She is just too cute!!

  5. Oh my gosh, they look fabulous!!! And Bubble is so damn adorable modelling them!!!!!