Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pure Earth Noosa...

I have tried so many hand creams and I have never been happy with any of them. Maybe I am really fussy but I ruled out sorbolene as it smells like my Grandmother, anything with lavender as I am allergic, expensive oily stuff and the list goes on and on... Yep I am fussy aren't I.
Not Any More... I stumbled upon Pure Earth Noosa which only sells Organic and Natural Products. Plus they have the most friendly customer service and I just love the colours on their web site.

So this is my new moisturiser and I must say IT REALLY WORKS. My hands are constantly be thrashed by washing, dishes, pins and goodness knows what else. My hands look older than me and were cracking due to this cold weather. As soon as I opened the package I applied some and I tell you what my hands instantly felt smooth and rehydrated. There was no slippery oily feel at all. It just felt natural!!
Thank You Sandra for providing my family with the perfect product... where were you 8 years ago? hehe

Sandra also sent Bubble and Bear a few clothes as her children had out grown theirs. Included were a pair of bonds jeans for Bubble which is super dooper perfect as she needs a pair to model the new baby range of MooBear Designs T-Shirts.

...But Wait There's More...

I also received a Goodie Bag with a fantastic assortment of mums in Business from Connect2mums. So I thought I should share their links with you. Some are small and some are big but even the big ones were once small. So lets supports the mums who work from home doing what they love.

Kindy Kamper Little Bedding for Little People
Bonito Baby for Mum and Bub
Swish Lily Online Boutique for Mums, Bubs and Tots
My Baby Bump Maternity T-Shirts

There is a nice little mix there. Enjoy.


  1. I am going to enjoy reading through all these sites very much!

  2. Thankyou so much for the mention, every little bit counts, and I love everyone to share in our bargain op shopping experience online. Truly thankyou, love site you have here :)
    Sophie Feick

  3. Thank you for the link to my site! Lovely community C2M's spirit!

  4. Thank you so much for the link Steph - it is much appreciated!

  5. Thank you for mentioning all us WAHM's from connect2mums. And yes I also agree, the hand cream from Pure Earth Noosa is fantastic.

  6. Hmn. Judging from my own twisted, gnarled specimens typing right now, I suggest I'll need some in the industrial strength range!

  7. You all very very very welcome!! I love supporting the people who support me!! You all inspire me on so many levels. It's nice to know we're never alone!!

    xo Steph