Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 4.

Bubble's Rar!

The story really start's back at Bear's Rar! so if you don't know the story behind the original designs then read here first.
Bear and I were sitting at my sewing table and as always he wants me to make dinosaurs. But this time he wanted me to make a "little foot" for Bubble. So we quickly drew one up and ended up with a purple corduroy and black/white spotted, red taggy little foot.

The original one went missing but we made a 2nd one photographed here!
Then he decided "Mummy make Bubble a wee wee foot shirt?!" Well why not... So we set to work on a new design.

Bear had a lot of input in this design. The first thing he wanted added was a tail. He wasn't impressed that it didn't have one when he noticed. Then he wanted spikes and spots. He obviously had a long ponder after because about an hour later he came back and showed me his toy dinosaur. It didn't have spikes so we didn't put them on the finally design. I did ask him if he thought the dinosaur needed eyes and in true Bear style we drew 2 lines.
That's good enough I say.

This is Bear's final design and he just thinks he's super boy! He loves that Bubble wear's the drawing he made with Mummy! His eyes just light up with so much excitement!! I imagine he is experiencing how I feel when I create a piece and the kids use/wear them. An overwhelming sense of achievement.

I wonder what Moo and Bear's reaction will be when, one day they happen to see a child wearing one of their very own designs... squealing? whispering? pointing? jumping? I will let you know the moment it happens!!


  1. Please tell me you are adding these to your range!

  2. Thanks Steph for all your nice comments on my blog.. I love looking at your work (you are so talented) and your super cute children. I LOVE this little dinosaur - too cute!! My boys love dinosaurs but i haven't been able to come up with a softie design i liked yet... Good work! Monique xx