Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MooBear Article In The Inner West Courier

How excited are we right now?! We have been featured in the Inner West Courier P.7.
Moo has already autographed a copy for our local chemist. Community acknowledgment is fantastic because we don't exactly go around telling everybody about MooBear Designs... it's just a little weird. So now they will know. It's also great to get the word out about Bizness Babes which as you know I love and support just like that did me. Even Chrissy Girl gets a mention WooHoo...

On a not so happy note we are ALL sick. I wont go into details but geez it's hard with 5 people with temperatures. I was completely out of action yesterday but feeling much better today which makes looking after Bubble a little easier but still very straining. Bear has just woken up and he is jumping up and down which is a great sign. Carlos has had 40deg temps and still managed to look after all of us. Carlos you always go above and beyond my expectations baby!!

...The article has certainly put a smile on all of our bright red faces...


  1. Congratulations!!! And hope you are all feeling better soon...

  2. Wow wow and WOW!!!
    This is so awesome!!!! I'll be getting a copy tomorrow!!!!

    Hope you guys feel better's bad enough when one is sick, but all of you....that's just hell

  3. Congrats on the article!!!
    Sending you all virtual lemon and honey drinks and lots of chicken soup!!! Hope you guys are all feeling better soon!

  4. yay!!! congrats on the article, great pic aswell!
    hope you are all better soon x

  5. Hope you all get well soon and start telling EVERYBODY what you do!!

  6. What GREAT recognition for you as a business woman, risk taker, self believer, creater, designer, dreamer and mother. And who better to share all your success with than your family. Congratulations Steph xxx

  7. You all MUST be so PROUD!!! Look what your little family have accomplished!! And it is escalating! First the Hudson's article, now the local up.. Parent's magazine, then you will be dressing the American movie star's kids!!! Hurry up and get well, you are going to need ALL of your collective energies!! xo, L

  8. Congratulations you clever chick. Hope we can catch up soon.