Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hudson's Children's Wear Feature!!

...What a surprise...

If Jenny from Yunginz hadn't have emailed me yesterday morning I may not have known about Hudson's featuring MooBear in their Magazine.
Hudson's is relatively new knowledge to me but I have seen a few industry friends who have been mentioned in it before so it's exciting to see our product on their pages.
So head here and check out page 16... You can't miss the MooBear photo.
While your there have a look at Yunginz Shoe's on page 18. I can personally say they are awesome because Bear has a pair. Check them out here.

With over 90 years of dedicated publishing and industry experience, Hudson's combines fresh and informative editorial coverage with beautiful photographed fashion pages showcasing the latest in clothing, shoes and accessories available to retailers.


  1. How freakin AWESOME is that??!! Congratulations! You must get several copies for Moo and Bear to autograph!! :D

  2. Well done that is fantastic!!!!!! :) Kim