Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinos and Cars

So Bear and I did some more sewing together yesterday. He wanted me to make a small car. He thinks that my drawn noses look like cars so that's what we drew on our fabric. Then he said it needed a window and wheels. He just loves the reverse button and taking the pins out. He is super careful and I am impressed with his patience.

The dinosaur tag toy is the 2nd one I have made. The first was lost at Marla's baby shower. So if you happen to find a purple corduroy/black and white spotted, red ribbon taggy toy let me know.
This one is even better because I put a bell inside!!

When I tried explaining we have to sew the car right sides together then turn it inside out Bear got quite upset so I thought why not just sew it wrong sides together and leave the edges raw. So we did and he was much happier.


  1. LOVINGGGGGG THE DINOSSSS..... how very ice age of you ;)

  2. There is no value that can be placed on spending one-on-one time with your child. I truly believe it's these experiences that help build relationships between child and parent (even thought the child doesn't realise at the time!). What a great time you and Bear had together Steph. xx

  3. Those taggie Dinos are fabulous!! I want to try a shape now! Bear is such a creative soul...wonder where he gets that from? :D