Monday, July 27, 2009

Bears Guitar & Bubbles Pants...

I tried to sit at my machine on the week end but I got the shakes. I felt all sad because I want to get an order done but my body isn't ready to sit and sew at the machine. I can hand sew without a problem but I'm just not 100%

So instead I thought I would share with you the wonderful guitar Bear and I made back in the first week of school of holidays. Moo also made one but she also sewed the neck of the guitar to itself so I have to unpick it and re sew it for her. Carlos has also put in an order for one too.

He placed all the patches and as always we spoke about colours and shapes and music!!

These are Bubbles new corduroy pants I made her using the same pattern as Bear's New Jeans from Curlypops.
I made to go with the top Amanda send her here

I just had to share this photo of Bubble with you. This is about 1am on one of the nights we were all unwell. She was thrashing around is our bed for a good 15min trying to get comfy when she settled in this position. I was so happy she was comfy but not so much with her chosen position. Carlos moved her onto the bed but she woke up and climbed back onto my face... I wonder what she was thinking?


  1. The cords are fabulous.... and how sweet is that last photo.

  2. Very cool guitar and this photo is so sweet...anything to get our little treasure comfy ;)

  3. She was thinking...."aahhh, mommy!" Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Hopefully you will all be back up and running full speed soon! Love the guitar!!

  4. About the guitar: ROCK ON BEAR! Steph, that is waaaaay too cool. Bear has the genes to be a rock star and now he has the guitar!

    About the cords: love the cords. Cam's pattern is very funky.

    About the photo: while it might be uncomfortable and not sustainable, it shows true love... from you both. It's beautiful.

    About being sick: get better soon xxx

  5. That is just too precious!!!
    Ahhh when do the guitars go up for sale too on the website? ; ) Me wanty hehehe

  6. love love love the guitar. I so want to make one now.