Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MooBear Babies

Believe it or not these 2 cuties are actually sisters who are 15mths apart. I original sent Tina a Moo's Flowers back when she had her first daughter Anika and now her little sister Asta is finally big enough to wear it too!!
We do love passing on MooBear Designs...
Little Asta in her big sisters MooBear top. Lets face it your suppose to borrow each other clothes when you are sisters.

This is little Anika when she first received her MooBear top.
Miss you girls!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

You Cheeky Monkey Review

Monique from Your Cheeky Monkey is dedicated to supplying products that are either handmade, organic, fair trade and/or Australian made. Her products wont be found in stores.

Monique sent me one of her gorgeous prem bunny rug/comforter to review. It couldn't have come at a better time. I used it for Bubble while she was sick and slept with it so it had my Mummy smell and she loved snuggling it. I am a sucker for crochet at the moment and the detail on the edging is just so de vine. The white flannel is soft to touch as is the crocheted edging. The changing shade of brown is very striking and would suit a boy or a girl.

There are 3 available in her store with Pink, Blue and Rainbow Edging. Also check out my favourite Zebra print gift pack...

This really would make a wonderful gift for an early baby. As well as a soft snuggle option for any age baby.

Bear has also discovered a few other uses including but not limited to:

Baby Super Hero Cape
Peek a Boo Aid
Molly Dolly's Blanket

Bears Guitar & Bubbles Pants...

I tried to sit at my machine on the week end but I got the shakes. I felt all sad because I want to get an order done but my body isn't ready to sit and sew at the machine. I can hand sew without a problem but I'm just not 100%

So instead I thought I would share with you the wonderful guitar Bear and I made back in the first week of school of holidays. Moo also made one but she also sewed the neck of the guitar to itself so I have to unpick it and re sew it for her. Carlos has also put in an order for one too.

He placed all the patches and as always we spoke about colours and shapes and music!!

These are Bubbles new corduroy pants I made her using the same pattern as Bear's New Jeans from Curlypops.
I made to go with the top Amanda send her here

I just had to share this photo of Bubble with you. This is about 1am on one of the nights we were all unwell. She was thrashing around is our bed for a good 15min trying to get comfy when she settled in this position. I was so happy she was comfy but not so much with her chosen position. Carlos moved her onto the bed but she woke up and climbed back onto my face... I wonder what she was thinking?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MooBear Article In The Inner West Courier

How excited are we right now?! We have been featured in the Inner West Courier P.7.
Moo has already autographed a copy for our local chemist. Community acknowledgment is fantastic because we don't exactly go around telling everybody about MooBear Designs... it's just a little weird. So now they will know. It's also great to get the word out about Bizness Babes which as you know I love and support just like that did me. Even Chrissy Girl gets a mention WooHoo...

On a not so happy note we are ALL sick. I wont go into details but geez it's hard with 5 people with temperatures. I was completely out of action yesterday but feeling much better today which makes looking after Bubble a little easier but still very straining. Bear has just woken up and he is jumping up and down which is a great sign. Carlos has had 40deg temps and still managed to look after all of us. Carlos you always go above and beyond my expectations baby!!

...The article has certainly put a smile on all of our bright red faces...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Speed Networking With Bizness Babes Group 6...

How much do I love Bizness Babes? So So So MUCH!

Yesterday I got to meet Group 6 for some speed networking and boy they are a lively group. They were fantastic and have some fabulous ideas... which you'll just have to wait and see. It is always a pleasure to see Aunty Chrissy and once again if it weren't for her MooBear wouldn't really be where it is today. So After meeting with around 15 wonderful woman I thought I should share my own graduation photos from 1st Dec 2008 with you...

Bear and I with my official graduation certificate... He came with me everyday to the 11 work shops... well actually 10 as I was giving birth to Bubble on one...hehe.

Me and all of graduating group 4. Check out some of the businesses these woman have started!!
Pei-Shan Ash N Juls
Filomina Studio Alessia

Carlos and Bubble in her hand stitched Moo's Flowers design 9wks old.

And of course our own very special graduation cake made by Asunta one of the graduating Babes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bear's New Jeans...

Bear with me while I thank the people who helped bring these pants into being. Cam from Curly Pops was wonderful enough to send me a pattern for these pants which I had originally seen here on her blog. I also asked you, my follows what I could make with the dinosaur curtain and I had some fantastic feed back. Nikki from My Black Cardigan suggested this tutorial by Dana for inspiration...

You still with me??

Last month I was also lucky enough to win Red Seed Studio fabric from Ellie's giveaway on her blog Petal Plum. This also included some of her popular design scraps and you know how much I treasure off cuts and scraps.

Put it all together and what do you get? A wicked pair of one of a kind jeans.

Made from a size L jeans. I finished making them when Bear was asleep and literally took the photo after he woke up and came down stairs...
Carlos calls them his mini rave pants because they flare at the bottom... I am also making a pair for Bubble!
Thanks Nikki, Cam, Ellie and Dana...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moo's First Band Concert...

Moo is in the school training band and she plays the baritone tuba... I know how crazy is that. They actually nominated her to play the full size tuba but we don't drive to school and sometimes I take all 3 on the walk to school... so could you imagine me pushing a double pram (Phil and Ted's hehe) to school with a tuba on my back with Moo in toe?

...Hell No...

So we spoke to her music teacher and we agreed on the baritone instead. She attended her first concert ever on Thursday which parents were NOT aloud to attend. Moo was extremely emotional that morning. We spoke about turning her nervous energy into good energy and that everyone one of her band friends felt exactly the same way but in the end mum and not being there was the biggest hurdle.
When we arrived at school her face looked scared and she looked like she was about to cry. The bell rang and she came over for her good bye kiss and cuddle only this time she didn't let go. In that moment I had a thought.

'Let Moo wear my Lighthouse/Rock pendent from Lovestamp!'

She understands what the words mean to Carlos and she knew it is very special. I took it off and put it around her neck. I told her even though we couldn't be there that she had my special necklace to give her strength when she was scared or worried.

Well something worked because the training band come first in the competition. Moo was so excited when I picked her up. It was the icing on the cake really!!

Necklace... Award... Tuba...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hudson's Children's Wear Feature!!

...What a surprise...

If Jenny from Yunginz hadn't have emailed me yesterday morning I may not have known about Hudson's featuring MooBear in their Magazine.
Hudson's is relatively new knowledge to me but I have seen a few industry friends who have been mentioned in it before so it's exciting to see our product on their pages.
So head here and check out page 16... You can't miss the MooBear photo.
While your there have a look at Yunginz Shoe's on page 18. I can personally say they are awesome because Bear has a pair. Check them out here.

With over 90 years of dedicated publishing and industry experience, Hudson's combines fresh and informative editorial coverage with beautiful photographed fashion pages showcasing the latest in clothing, shoes and accessories available to retailers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MooBear's Beginnings Part 4.

Bubble's Rar!

The story really start's back at Bear's Rar! so if you don't know the story behind the original designs then read here first.
Bear and I were sitting at my sewing table and as always he wants me to make dinosaurs. But this time he wanted me to make a "little foot" for Bubble. So we quickly drew one up and ended up with a purple corduroy and black/white spotted, red taggy little foot.

The original one went missing but we made a 2nd one photographed here!
Then he decided "Mummy make Bubble a wee wee foot shirt?!" Well why not... So we set to work on a new design.

Bear had a lot of input in this design. The first thing he wanted added was a tail. He wasn't impressed that it didn't have one when he noticed. Then he wanted spikes and spots. He obviously had a long ponder after because about an hour later he came back and showed me his toy dinosaur. It didn't have spikes so we didn't put them on the finally design. I did ask him if he thought the dinosaur needed eyes and in true Bear style we drew 2 lines.
That's good enough I say.

This is Bear's final design and he just thinks he's super boy! He loves that Bubble wear's the drawing he made with Mummy! His eyes just light up with so much excitement!! I imagine he is experiencing how I feel when I create a piece and the kids use/wear them. An overwhelming sense of achievement.

I wonder what Moo and Bear's reaction will be when, one day they happen to see a child wearing one of their very own designs... squealing? whispering? pointing? jumping? I will let you know the moment it happens!!

Sew they have arrived...MooBear Bodysuits, Tee's and a new Rar!!

Our organic bodysuits have arrived along with our baby tees. We have been busy designing, sewing, photographing and updating MooBear Designs shop. Bubble was our model of course. She really hasn't been well at all but she is a team player and hung in there!

Moo's Flowers is now available in a white organic bodysuit.

Moo's Rocket is now available in a white organic bodysuit.

Bear just loves his Rars! He insisted that Bubble had her own Rar! shirt so we are excited to introduce our newest design inspired by Bear...

Bubble's Rar!

Bubbles Green Rar! on Light Blue T-shirt.

Bubbles Purple Rar! Available on Pink T-shirt

Bubbles Green Rar! in a white organic bodysuit.

Bubbles Purple Rar! in a white organic bodysuit.

All these new items are now available at our online shop so stop by and see what else is available.

I will let you know the full story behind Bubble's Rar! shortly.

I must also thank Sandra from Pure Earth Noosa for the baby jeans Bubble is wearing and Jess Girl in America for the wonderful handmade felt clips!

Snack Bag... Save the Planet!!

We received these fantastic Snack Bags last month. We won them in the French Sleep Deprivation Study give away. We love them and they easy to use and child friendly for little fingers. The big one fits a sandwich and the small one is great for mixed dried fruit which my children are addicted to.

Like what you see and reckon you can make your own? Check the tutorial here and do away with those plastic sandwich bags, cling wrap, wax paper, paper bags and anything else you spend money on and give it a try.
DIY Snack Bags for every member in your family... yes please!

Thank You Jerilyn for saving the planet one snack at a time... hehe.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinos and Cars

So Bear and I did some more sewing together yesterday. He wanted me to make a small car. He thinks that my drawn noses look like cars so that's what we drew on our fabric. Then he said it needed a window and wheels. He just loves the reverse button and taking the pins out. He is super careful and I am impressed with his patience.

The dinosaur tag toy is the 2nd one I have made. The first was lost at Marla's baby shower. So if you happen to find a purple corduroy/black and white spotted, red ribbon taggy toy let me know.
This one is even better because I put a bell inside!!

When I tried explaining we have to sew the car right sides together then turn it inside out Bear got quite upset so I thought why not just sew it wrong sides together and leave the edges raw. So we did and he was much happier.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pure Earth Noosa...

I have tried so many hand creams and I have never been happy with any of them. Maybe I am really fussy but I ruled out sorbolene as it smells like my Grandmother, anything with lavender as I am allergic, expensive oily stuff and the list goes on and on... Yep I am fussy aren't I.
Not Any More... I stumbled upon Pure Earth Noosa which only sells Organic and Natural Products. Plus they have the most friendly customer service and I just love the colours on their web site.

So this is my new moisturiser and I must say IT REALLY WORKS. My hands are constantly be thrashed by washing, dishes, pins and goodness knows what else. My hands look older than me and were cracking due to this cold weather. As soon as I opened the package I applied some and I tell you what my hands instantly felt smooth and rehydrated. There was no slippery oily feel at all. It just felt natural!!
Thank You Sandra for providing my family with the perfect product... where were you 8 years ago? hehe

Sandra also sent Bubble and Bear a few clothes as her children had out grown theirs. Included were a pair of bonds jeans for Bubble which is super dooper perfect as she needs a pair to model the new baby range of MooBear Designs T-Shirts.

...But Wait There's More...

I also received a Goodie Bag with a fantastic assortment of mums in Business from Connect2mums. So I thought I should share their links with you. Some are small and some are big but even the big ones were once small. So lets supports the mums who work from home doing what they love.

Kindy Kamper Little Bedding for Little People
Bonito Baby for Mum and Bub
Swish Lily Online Boutique for Mums, Bubs and Tots
My Baby Bump Maternity T-Shirts

There is a nice little mix there. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Baby Size MooBear...

For those of you have requested smaller MooBear sizes!!!

We just received our first lot of shirts size 000-1 and of course who better to model the new sizes than Bubble herself. She had a great time trying to walk of the back step she has perched on while I franticly took far too many photos...

Our shirts are 100% soft cotton and are manufactured ethically in a sweat shop free environment.

All our designs are made using 100% recycled fabrics just like our bigger kids sizes. We are in the process of updating the website so you can buy online but if you really REALLY want one now just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you.

Moo's Flowers Design

Moo's Flowers Design

Moo's Rocket Design

Moo's Rocket Design

I couldn't help myself and added this one too hehe. No shirt but her expression says it all plus the sun trying to shine through the tree behind her is a little bit arty don't you think?!