Friday, June 19, 2009

Yunginz Shoes For Mr Bear

Bear won a fantastic pair of Yunginz Shoes last week.
His first comment was "Wow Mum! They're so Cool". Although he says it with a slight Latino accent which makes me laugh when he's excited and he just couldn't get them on quick enough. As a mum I love that they are black. You can't scuff up black shoes can you!? The orange detail really does make them look cool.

Bear looking very Chic Geek...
Bear is dressed by 'The Treasure Shop' red Timberland vest, black "Bon Jovi" jeans and Milkshake shirt all complimented together by a funky pair of Yunginz black canvas shoes.
I'm not sure what his pose is... certainly good for a laugh though!!

Head over to the Yunginz site for some more shoe-licious colours and styles. I couldn't go past the pink camo shoes either...hmmm yummy.


  1. Mr Bear looks very swish. I bet he can run super fast in those fancy new shoes!

  2. He looks very handsome. Gotta love Vinnies ;)

  3. Gorgeous photo. What a personality shining there!!