Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day we have found some books for the kids.

It Zwibble!!

The book on the left was read to me over and over again as a child in the 80's. Then Bear found it. He seems to have found a treasure trove of my child hood toys because he keeps bringing me things like my clogs. The 2nd book Carlos picked up from our local op shop. I screamed when he showed me because I haven't been able to find an It Zwibble book anywhere.

It Zwibble is a dinosaur fairy from far far away. He comes to Earth to save millions of dinosaur eggs. He teaches the star touched baby dinosaurs to look after Earth and the animals who live here and together they achieve big things.

These stories combines a few things that Moobear stands for
Dinosaurs Fairies (that's for Bear)
plus we bought it from an Op Shop

We'll be reading them both tonight!!


  1. cute books, hope they had fun reading them tonight.

  2. You have such a cute blog and shop! Just wanted to let you know you are a "no-reply" commenter on the Sewn might want to change that setting so you don't end up losing a prize you should be the winner of!

    Good luck in my drawing and the others!