Monday, June 15, 2009

Moo's Neck Warmer...

Moo has been off school with pharyngitis for the last 3 days. Rather than have her sit in front of the TV for hours and hours I agreed she could make something on with Veronica my sewing machine.

So she rummage through a bag of fabrics and choose the ones Helen had given me from The Wacky Wardrobe off cuts. She even managed to make a wrist warmer too!!

In total she sewed 28 individual squares together then added the pink lining leaving both ends open to turn in the right way. I am so impressed that she listened to my instructions and put my knowledge to use and even asked for help when she needed it. Moo and I often bang heads over school homework and I leave it for Carlos to help her with. This was definitely a mother daughter bonding experience.

Moo is so happy that she made it all by herself that I suggested she enter it in the Living Creatively scarf competition which she eagerly dictated for me to type up and send off on her behalf.


  1. Now that is a Mum/daughter experience to be carefully nurtured. Fab scarf Moo!

  2. I CANNOT WAIT to be able to sew with my girls!!! That is awesome! I am envious!

    BTW - do you happen to have a toddler shirt with the MooBear design on the front? Momo freaks out everytime she sees me on your page because she sees Pompom looking back at her!