Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lukki Bubba and Melanie Horsnell

Bizness Babes is just fantastic. So many talented and independent woman who create and inspire. At the group 5 graduation I also met Melanie Horsnell who is an indie/folk vocal and guitar artist. While you're here you should have a listen to her music. She is also the voice behind those huggies ads which always bring tears to my eyes.
*singing* Must be love love love!

But that's not all she does. Melanie also makes baby slings and you know how much I love baby slings. So while I was at the graduation I asked if I could road test one to compare with my red spotty sling and she said yes...woohoo.

I am in love with red at the moment and I honestly couldn't pass up the opportunity to wear raspberries. The shoulder pieces felt really secure and the pleats above the rings gave great shoulder coverage!

The length is perfect and I knew I wasn't going to trip over walking up stairs as I am shot and sometimes the length of some slings is just too long. The big plastic rings were the best part. Bubble wasn't about to knock any teeth out. She is at the stage wear she has to have something in her mouth all the time.

Ring slings can be worn so many different ways.
- Front carry face to face.
- Kangaroo carry facing out.
- Hip carry
- Cradle (Bubbles favourite)
and if your game enough on your back.

Head over to Lukki Bubba to check out more of her slings and support handmade. I like the Japanese print sling too...hehe.


  1. The sling looks fantastic. And your Bubbles is JUST TOO CUTE!

  2. Those raspberries are fantastic! And Bubble is VERY cute! I think she likes the raspberries too!