Monday, June 22, 2009

Love Stamp... wearing my love

Guess what? I won a handmade pendent with the words of my choice from JoGirl of Love Stamp. While your here stop past her Madit Store and if you are an international blog traveler check out her Etsy Store. I keep an eye on so many of my blog friends just to I know what's going on and she had a little give way. She asked us what some of the silliest names we had heard were. Other than my own children Moo, Bear and Bubble I had a few like Crystal Kleer!! Check out some of the other names people had hear of here. Sign up to her newsletter for the heads up on her competitions and give aways too.

So I had to choose two words to go on my pendant. I consulted Carlos and we decided on LIGHTHOUSE and ROCK.
For all the lovey-dovey reasons Carlos is my Lighthouse. When I was young I was very lost and struggled to stay above the waves in my life. When I had had just about had enough and turned to face the sea I saw a flicker of light above my shoulder. I turned and far far off in the distance I could see the light flickering stronger and stronger. I took a deep breath and headed back to shore. There he was, My Lighthouse! My Guiding light who lead me back to shore and to the safety of land. Aww...I also get swept away with so many ideas and he is always there guiding me back to shore.

Why am I his Rock? I asked him and he said "Because when times get tough you are my foundation, you are strong and always there for me!"
Thank You Jo...


  1. That is so beautiful......both what you said and the necklace.
    You 2 are amazing together, so loving and caring and compliment each other in every way

  2. Steph... your explanation is even more beautiful than those gorgeous pendants. Gotta love a true life fairy tale!

  3. Awww that is so sweet! Love the pendants too :)

  4. You two are so stinkin' sweet! What an ideal married-with-kids-so-tell-us-how-you-met story! :) Bear is such a little man in his geek-chic outfit! Now I'm going to PFOB! xo