Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Lizzies - Kids Fashion With A Twist Swap

Amanda from Little Lizzies-Kids Fashion With A Twist, and I met on Skout months ago. I love her hand made shrugs and suggested a swap. I made her a Special Order shirt for her eldest daughter and she made Bubble this exquisite Autumn coloured baby shrug.
What is it made from Amanda? Marino Wool? Arh huh... it's BAMBOO... Yet another item I will have to wash oh dear!!

So the first thing I do when I get home is put Bubble in her new shrug. Isn't it just beautiful?!
To make things even more special Amanda also sent us the dress she made here and it matches perfectly with the shrug and 50c pants I picked up from the treasure shop!!

Just when I thought I couldn't get more excited Amanda also sent some of her off cuts from some of her other projects including some kiwi fruit fabric which she used to make this dress. I think the fabric is just too yummy! No idea what I will be making but I am super happy to be able to put Amanda's off cuts to use!

The children have also chosen their own tiki which Amanda sent too. I have a new necklace which is a traditional symbol from NZ meaning safe travel, friendship or bravery. This is interesting because Carlos and I have been looking at symbols for a tattoo although he has been looking at Inca symbols and meanings. It's amazing to see how symbols from different cultures around the world can express so much meaning in one image.

Amanda Darling You Are Super Awesomefulness...

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  1. I love that shrug! The colors are beautiful! As is Bubble!

    So what does the NZ symbol for safe travel look like? I'm curious...