Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait... to start my newest project!! This has been building up for so so so long! I was researching my project and discovered I needed wool roving but I believe here in Australia we don't call it that. We call it wool tops and also silver is that right?? So it has many names for the one thing which is wool before it is spun into the wool you knit with or better still the stuff you use to felt with too. It helps to know crafters who know a bit more than I do about wool... I am yet to wash any of my wool items still (I know I know) So I asked Amanda and she pointed me in the right direction.

This is what I got from Petlins. Purple, Chocolate and lime wool silver.
So what's the project I am working on... well I am hoping to felt my own dread locks to put in my hair. I have wanted them for ages and now I know what I am working with I am willing to give it a try. I will also be taking note of what works and what doesn't work for a tutorial. So if you happen to have any tips send them my way because as I have mentioned wool isn't really my choice of craft medium.

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Strelitzia's are my favourite flower

Yesterday Carlos came home from school drop off with two beautiful strelitzia's. I was in complete shock and thought I must have forgotten a special event. But no he bought them just because. The last time we had strelitzia's was for our wedding back in 2004 and before that he bought me a potted one but our cat decided it was her kitty litter box AND before that he had a massive bunch of 12 sent to my work place when we first started dating. I had to carry them home on a packed public bus...hahaha.
I love you baby!


  1. I always wondered what those flowers were called... we get them growing around here too!

  2. WOW - good luck with the dreadies. Looking forward to hearing how they go.

  3. I always though the flower were called birds of paradise...I had one in my wedding bouquet;)For the dreadlock...I am a felter but not a dreadlock expert so will check and let you know...If I could see what do you want them to look like I could perhaps help better?

  4. Oooo dreadlocks....like the ones when you were pregnant? Hot hot HOT!!! I can't wait to see

    Awww way to keep the love alive Carlos!!