Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday and I can't wait... to hear the mixes Carlos and his brothers are producing in the studio.
"The Boys" are here producing some music together. I have never really seen Carlos in action nor his 2 brothers for that matter, because the sound studio here is off limits while they are busy. But sitting here at my lap top I can hear the sounds and it's pretty awesome stuff.
Head over here to have a listen to some of the tracks Carlos has put together under his label Neuromantra.

My favourite is 'Abre Los Ojos'

Don't forget to call by Buttons By Lou Lou to see who else is playing "It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait..."


  1. Sounds like great secret boys business. Thanks for playing along. Will pop back and listen another time.

  2. What a creative family...;) there is a surprise for you over to my blog;)

  3. Wow, is there anything your family can't do? Far out ; )
    Go Carlos!!! I like flyin tha city best