Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait...

It's Tuesday I Can't Wait... till our hot water is back on!!! This morning we all had to shower using buckets filled with boiling water then cooled with cold.
I felt like I was back on my family's Island in Vanutau, where we had a big fancy bath right out of the Edwardian period only there was no running hot water. Everything had to be boiled then cooled. In the end I would just go down to the blue holes and swim with my cousins in the fresh water instead. Argh the Island life of a young teen.

Me (do I need to tell you which one is me??) and some of my cousins back in 1999

This photo is too funny not to put in. I didn't trust this bridge at all but it was either risk it or swim. I figured with Brian in front he would fall first and I would be safe. Jules decided he would show off and walk along the log. You can guess what happened next. I nearly fell off the bridge from laughing so hard when jules fell on his...ummm... jewels. HAHA.

On my "It's Tuesday And I Can't Wait" look around I stopped at Nikki's blog My Black Cardigan.
She has found a fabulous way to make onsies into long sleeve onsies she found a tutorial by Samster Mommy which I think I am going to have to use. I have a stack of T-shirts readdy to be chopped up into baby long sleeves. While I am at it I might make Bear some too!!!

For Tuesday fun check our Button by Lou Lou blog for a list of other bloggers playing along... it get s longer and longer each week!!


  1. Nice to read a little about you...Wow what great experiences you must have had!I have spent 5 years in West Africa and recall some unforgetable moments too, specially when it comes to...no hot water and now shower out of what you can!!

  2. Yes, the luxury of running hot water. I certainly miss it when it is not there!! Cute photos. Looks like a fun time.

  3. It's Tuesday (again)and I can't believe I haven't joined in on the "I can't wait" bandwagon yet!

    Vanatau looks fabulous (minus the missing hot water!)

  4. Great pics! Okay, you have to come back and tell me what a dummy is and how you will use it similar to my fob! LOL. I just got back home last night, read my new comments and am now endlessly curious. :)

  5. Hey! I tagged you. Come by my blog to see what I'm talking about! I really should add, "MooBear's logo" because it truly reminds me of PomPom and makes me smile! :)

  6. Oh no Steph! I hope they fix your hot water soon... we went without hot water once when the power went out during a big snow storm! It was awful..!