Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dinosaur Curtains

Well Bear, Bubble and I went to a garage sale and we picked up more toy dinosaurs. One is a red Velociraptor finger puppet. I also picked up 2 curtains which were still new in their packaging for $5... yep bargain!
So my question to you my lovely blog readers is...

What should I make with these curtains for Bear?
I want to make something different... So more than a pillow case, boxer shorts... there is plenty of material so don't be shy with ideas.
Excuse the indoor photo it's pouring rain outside...

I also picked these up from the Treasure Shop.
Lou from Buttons By Lou Lou has me obsessed with button jewelry and accessories.

They are 4 fabric covered metal brooches... I am assuming vintage although I am no expert.


  1. I would make some cute appliqued t-shirts and matching pants.

  2. Hey I'll do that and re create those jeans with the 1974 pattern!!! Nice one Cam!!! Hmm what else?

    xo Steph

  3. Agree with Cam on the jeans. I love th eidea of adding knee pads... like this...

    And maybe a Man Bag like Cam made...

    A pencil case with his name in dino print like these...

    Hope these inspire!

  4. I would turn this ointo some little back pack with string...Jacqui from mee a bee just disd a tutorial...I think they would look just cool in Dinau design from moobeardesigns;)!!

  5. All the above! Just as all of your blogger friends have posted! And thanks to them I now have some more wonderful tutorials to look at!

    That also reminds me that I too have some dinosaur sheets that I am no longer using! Oh the possibilities!

  6. OMG... guys that is the best feed back... Nikki The pants are a great idea. Sandrine I was 10sec into Jacqui's tutorial when I got called away... It's a great idea too. Curly Pops man bag is too good not to make... I'll have to sit down with Bear and see what he thinks... Sharon I expect to see some dinosaur creations!!

    xo Steph