Thursday, June 4, 2009

Craft Schmaft inspiration

On Monday I went to the graduation of Group 5 Bizness Babes. I had a great time meeting a new group of woman who were now empowered to take the next step and start their own business!! I didn't get to meet everyone but I am sure I will at the next meeting. One person I did meet was Claire from Craft Schmaft. She has very awesome sock toys you just can't go past. Just check out Mix Tape Molly who kicks arse over any sock monkey I have seen or made!!! You can find her at Matilda's Markets and hopefully she has an online buying option for people like me who just can't bare to drag 3 kids around the markets... remember the Finders Keepers incident

So I thought I would give one her projects a try using all recycled materials and off cuts and this is what we ended up with...
Find out more about how he came to be here and other tag monsters here.

Wouldn't it be nice if the world were made of purple corduroy!!

Thanks Claire for having a great pattern for us to try... and I will get hold of a Mix Tape Molly some how!!


  1. Steph he is gorgeous! More purple corduroy in the world I say. Thanks so much for the kind words and link and YES I will have patterns up online soon - within the next two weeks actually.

  2. What a funky lil softie... altho I think he is too cute to be called a monster : )

  3. Love him. Looks like a very friendly monster, who would have no problems with little fingers playing with his tags!