Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clogs from Holland

Look what Bear found!!

These were my clogs when I was Bear's age. My Godmama bought them from Holland for me I believe... although I will double check.
I remember wearing them around the house with an apron and a little head scarf too. Then my feet got too big so my dad drilled holes in the side so I could display them proudly. I don't remember what happened after that. But Bear found them and he just loves them... just look at his stance!!


  1. You did well to keep them for so long! I had some miniature one when I was a little girl, but I moved too many countries/places to keep things with me, so nice to see some again ;)

  2. Love the clogs and all your super cool t-shirts!
    Great to meet you at Bizness Babes the other day - here's my blog address which I promised but didn't write down for you.


  3. Hi Steph. I was so lucky to win Amy's Bunting! Love your blog and your clothes. My husband's family is from Holland, so loving this post! Melinda.