Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bubbles Purple Dinosaur...

Remember Jess made Bubble a whole heap of felt hair clips... if not check them out here. I wanted to make Bubble a matching top for the Brontosaurus hair clip. Well she had a massive sleep today and I managed to sit a make one for her...YAY!!

One plan white bonds top size 00 from the treasure shop - 50c
Ouch pants from the treasure shop - $1
Remnant fabric - $1.50
Hand made felt hair clip - $12
Bubble sleeping so Mummy can make her a matching shirt...Priceless



  1. Stephanie - that is genius. I've got two girls and both of them LOVE dinosaurs. My six year old got into them when she was about two and STILL loves them to this day! I get so irked when I'm out shopping because nobody sells dinosaur clothing for GIRLS! I keep saying I'm going to make her something but it hasn't happened yet. Someone (you?) needs to tap into that! SO CUTE!

  2. Let's hope Bubble learns from this life lesson. If she sleeps well which gives her Mumma some free time, she will be rewarded with fabulous clothes!

  3. That is very cute!
    (I'll get your stuff posted next week)

  4. Wow, so cute! I think this is my fav!

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Guess what?
    You are the winner of my blog comp..
    shoot an email and I will get it made for you.
    Thanks so much and congrats!
    Jogirl xo

  6. Oh my gosh that is too cute!!!!
    Looks awesome!